Shards cost increase

So I’ve searched but couldn’t find topics regarding this so please say so if it exists. While leveling ice and fire towers over level 30 I’ve noticed the cost when comes to shards is rather low comparing with embers, and (believe it or not) I would rather have them higher as there are lots of them accumulating and it would be better to spend them in events points. I just spend 1700 shards on ice till lvl 33, so 34k points, while to lvl 32 I spent over 600k wood - 60k points.
I’ve seen people with loads of shards and it would help a great deal converting them into points, as long as their income is not nerfed… What you guys think?

Your proposal is

Increase shard costs on fire and ice turrets to get higher event points.


While all bigger players would appreciate that the lower levels wouldn’t bc they don’t swim in shards like we do.

I’d say yeah one sided a good proposal but macroeconomical it’s not

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im with you on this… well atleast remove shards from seasonal tree lines… I don’t want to use sigils anymore to claim even more shards when gold chests keeps giving them to me… ill never be using that many that i already have… what a waste

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Precisely. I see your point but until level 30 you get around the same points when you use shards or wood. It’s from that level that wether the wood cost is too high or the shard cost to low. Until then the low level players would not be prejudiced

I mean if PG would have a professional sense for making money they would have asked for fire shards and embers for fire flaks and ice shards and embers for ice flaks.

That way we could have used our shards and they would earn a good junk of money bc now we need both. Shards and embers.

But they just flooded us with shards thinking everyone would build 6 of them on our bases. And then we get dragons like Necryx who would love those bases. :joy:

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Couldn’t agree more on that point :joy:

My lv 190 non spender alt has lv 43 turrets and I consider everything below 300 as a low level player in times of lv 594 bases.

In that case I am a low lever player :crazy_face: it’s just a matter of consistency really, you are expected to use shards as little gems resources wise instead of the wood, which is scarce on this event. And while that embers cost is roughly the double with a lot more rarity on them :see_no_evil:

Trust me the higher you get the more will you appreciate having bad ass ice turrets.

Harbinger tier is full of flak resist dragons. And all bigger spenders across all leagues will have them soon or already have them.

Also fire turrets are finally viable again at higher levels (50+).

Those are show stoppers and we should give everyone the chance to get there by not increasing costs (says someone with 400k shards of each type sitting)

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Guess it makes sense from that point of view, I’m still struggling on sapphire so I didn’t have that idea. In the long run it’s better actually not to increase cost. Thanks for enlightening me :+1::+1:

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