Shards for invokes

Is there way me to get nebulon even if I just came back to thr game I see thete are draconic boxes that have hueso and nebulon shard.

There is no egg for these two festive dragons, any shards you get will automatically allow you to incubate the eggs. Same with evolving it, it takes shards instead of stones. They’re pretty expensive though depending on where you are in the game.

Damn yeah I’m too nubby

As a lower level its much easier to get these dragons to useful level. I’m not sure when you came back, but the festive line has a repeatable node to select draconic chests at a pretty good sigil rate, so it ends up being a little more economical than buying the chests with rubies.

Hmm I’ve been saving after serket sale 3k saved do far .

The festive line costed about 18k sigils last season and the repeatable node was 500 sigils for 4 draconic chests. I’d suggest using the event chest drop spreadsheet and trying out the math to see if it’d be worth it for you. Good luck and welcome back!

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