Shards Need to Be Increased

The cost of leveling legendary gear is absolutely ridiculous, and often times, the same shard element is being used by different elements of gear, further depleting shard supply and screeching crafting to a depressing halt.

I recall a post that broke down the elemental shard cost of leveling armor, but I can’t seem to find it right now, but I know it’s in the millions. What do we get for hitting poachers? 5 hits averaging around 750-1000 per hit, and then it goes down to <100 per hit. 5k shards of ONE element per day is a joke… 200 days for 1 of the 2 elements needed for ONE piece of gear makes me want to scratch my eyes out.
Can we please dramatically increase the amount of shards we get from poachers and increase the bottom multiplier, similar to what was done with the gold mine? Also allowing poachers to be hit multiple times would be greatly appreciated.
Similarly, the rewards from the events are nice, but we’re hurting real bad without events like the kingpin which really allowed us to gain a lot of shards, both through the poachers and through the event prizes. If the shard amounts of events could be increased, or have an event with boosted shard/gold amounts would also be fantastic.

Thanks for your consideration @pgdave @PGEggToken


Wish I could like this many times over- its almost $9k for the sets… Ridiculous


Cost to upgrade a full set of legendary gear:


To add to the already ridiculous cost, this really bugs me.
I’m already constantly at zero wind shards for Noc’s armor. Then when trying to upgrade my defense rider’s fire set, a 3 of the 8 pieces need wind shards as the secondary cost :expressionless:


I disagree. The ridiculously easy glory, boosted gold and shards more than made up for the troops lost. Having all that plus revivable troops means no one would fight each other anymore.


Below is the chart for the upgrade cost. And empirically it took me 450k primary and almost 100k of each other shard to get an entire legendary set in the first place.

So yeah, expensive AF


We need one event with high shards payout. Have you seen the cost to level elite gear? Even more ridiculous.

I will never buy shard packs… there’s just no value there.

Kingpin used to give a few 100k’s of each element of you maxed it… now we have no shards and too many scrolls. So bass ackwards.

I have an idea let me see if i have time to put it together today :eyes:

Not to mention that taking a year plus to get a full set of upgraded gear that’s limited to one element while at the same time dropping 15 new dragons and 3 to 4 tears of dragons over the course of that year equates to a extremely frustrated player base but has an expensive full set of gear for a dragon that’s no longer viable

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Take a read through a new thread that i started with this as a key objective

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I’ll leave it up to someone else to figure out how to fix but even the poacher multi at the beginning of the day is low. 2k max shards (in a high level area) is a piss drop in the bucket.

Never mind grinding for <200 shards a run after that.

Crafting should give more too. Why wouldn’t we want them in prizes at least the same as other events? We’re using them by the metric shitload.


This is such a major issue with leveling gear. It used to be the lack of scrolls to create the gear, which they’ve improved as I now have plenty of scrolls.

However, I’m crafting all types of random gear to get event points since I don’t have enough shards to level up the main gear I’m working on anymore :frowning:


Mine is 23 a run…:cry:

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Good point, actually reminds me of the nerf PG put on the shard payouts from poachers earlier this year.
I think it was nerfed by around 10-20%, can’t remember exactly, but sadly there was no uproar about it, maybe because the drops were way too low already.

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