Share some awesome ways for gp/xp in atlas

do u guys have some great tips on getting GP/XP for primarch/riders in atlas? it seems very hard with so many people who defend hard and the base layouts r hard to fight in atlas with the landscape lool, troops r insanely hard to save since gold is precious and hard to come by with taxes etc…

Hit people you can actually beat with triple defenders :woman_shrugging: If you were to have a strong base, park defensive prims in NML and defend like a mofo.

Can’t help ya on the gold bit, we have no tax.


oh man, a tax free world !!!

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Yup starts at like 200k for the 30x multiplier run each day :grinning::grinning:

There’s still a tax… Just not on every run… :joy:

Bingo. You can choose when you do your donation based on your play style since we acknowledge that everyone has different schedules and plays differently :upside_down_face:

Yeah we got the same :joy: great for grinders like me

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im sorry im a bit confused on this issue still, i do not know how multipliers work in atlas… it always says multiplie x Amount on bottom but i don’t notice any difference in payout?

Here are some examples. For each run you do, you get one less multiplier. Just like dragons. It starts at 30 and is active until you hit 11 (20 runs total) before dropping to 1x (going to be 3x next patch).

If your team ends up owning a castle you get a bonus and end up earning more gold per run. First table is 30.8% bonus and second is the 0% bonus


awesome thanks!!

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