Share the most funniest video you know

All this madness out here I’m sharing 3 of the funniest videos to me I know more but these I say the funniest to me some have language but they are in pain discretion is advis

#1 PRANK husband waxed on chest while sleeping - YouTube

#2 entire head wax gone wrong!!! horrible mistake! - YouTube

#3 Impractical Jokers - Q Experiences The Joys Of Pregnancy (Punishment) | truTV - YouTube

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Almost all of mine would be from IJ! I love those boys! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

But, that first one was good! He was a good sport! OUCH! :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


I would share Kenny Rogers Jack a bit watch that when. I was out of surgery big mistake I couldn’t stop laughing

This is the most dopamine I’ve had all day, thanks for sharing :laughing:


All my funny videos I’ve watched is a little too much memes to look up but angry Starbucks customer who thinks Starbucks is McDonalds, Prank call meme, pretty sure there is more but those are the only ones I recall. Oh right almost forgot The Whole song and dance parody of a scene in a Star Wars movie with Yoda: “Seagulls”

Lol love impractical jokers. The spider punishment for Q has to be one of my favorites. I know I’m a sadist.

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Don’t know why but they probably got that idea from Satanists / torturers also on a side note is it just me or do those tarantulas look cute :face_with_hand_over_mouth: especially the Godzilla fake spider :joy:


Okay I forgot about those

Favorite game they play

Nobody trust me around doritos since I got DK with the one chip challenge and he didn’t know I snuck it in his Doritos

These two are too stupid

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Cartman stupid

What I grew up our humor

I don’t get that last video …

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It’s like mr brown and Edna from the tv show meet the browns

Talking about thought this was gonna be a 1v1 lol

I do have like three more but they are very very harsh language it me Randy and others doing a voice over X-Men cartoon but you can find it type in juggernaut B!$&@ = B word
Those videos are old but still funny