Share ur best war atks on u to learn how they did it


I found this vdo

Defence is awesome by dread .
Like that share any war atks ( best atks ) to learn .


Nice video


Outstanding video on war.


@@ToNyRen wkwkwk


God dammit its not supposed to being targeted this way.


How much you got Corthanak, tony?


@SavageAFforPG has a good estimator for how much they are worth, its different to everyone’s accumulated prizes, more precise number i suggest going for him. I’m looking for his post in the meantime for you.

And @TheBeastxGreat please dont target one team as it might twist my intention. I’m down to see more people with fantastic defense from everywhere.


Amazing, your Corthanak is already Expert lvl :clap::+1::+1:


Did I do anything wrong ? Sry . Do I need to delete this post ?


No. Its great video👍 just for learn to attack high level


This hurt tony I guess , how to delete this post ?


Just dont make the thread about one team. Ill also post the flight they did on my base. It was good too.


@Moderators plz delete this post


You can just edit the topic of the thread. I’m not sure if you can I’m forum noob :joy:


Tony wanna be my adopted uncle or something? Send me some packs? :joy:


Lol I’m barely keeping up lolol


I changed the topic and content. Is it now okay ?


:joy: beast I love you :joy: my best war attack lmao


Lol :man_facepalming:


At least you’re trying Beast :hugs: