Share your, “This one time at War Dragons” story 🙃


This one time at WD (I was not as active as usual at that time), I checked the raid list (as usual, to see the ones attacked me).
I was shocked at one name, and the dragon he used.
I told one of my leaders, and he asked to assist a revenge attack, which I rejected immediately.


So Shadow4Dragon’s real name is “Bertha”






Wait … is that Neptus or a harb … and a Dreadnought crest? :face_with_monocle:


This one time on WD, I sent a mail battle plan to a stranger who had a name nearly identical to my teams leader. They approved of my strategy and even gave me some pointers.


This one time I was recruiting and instead of sending of “why you should join our team” mail, I sent out the thing I had last copied and pasted, a Happy Father’s Day note that was specifically adressed to my team. Needless to say none of those people joined.


This one time at War Dragons, I accidentally hit the “Accept” button on an invitation and ended up in another team in the league. :crazy_face:

Okay, maybe it happened more than once. :joy:


That was happened to the first team I joined, and left in less than one hour :laughing:


One of those times, I was team leader and had to rush to LC to explain to my team what happened. It was kind of fun, I stayed and did xp backs with the members before going home. :slight_smile:


This one time, at a fort event, I hit a guy 50 levels above me who was showing a 56k payout, and I got nothing. I didn’t think much of it until he decided to hit me back (getting nothing in return), then he hit my alt (also getting nothing), and then for variety he hit my girlfriend’s account (getting nothing, for no variety). Then he did again, I think in the hope that something had changed. (Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.)

1 attack, 6 counterattacks, 0 lumber taken, 0 lumber lost; a little odd, but mostly stupid. I was inclined to ignore it. Then he sent me a message threatening to farm me with his higher level alt (since his sapphires kinda struggled to take out my level 104 base) and a second one saying “i’ve sent ur leader an email explaining ur actions and what will follow for you three.”

His farming threat seemed like it would take a while to really teach me a lesson at 0 lumber per raid, but I was mostly confused at what I’d done to upset him so much. I replied inquiring if he’d be kind enough to send me an email explaining my actions. He seemed to be under the impression that I’d hit him more than once, which seemed plausible. So, I explained that I didn’t have him bookmarked; that I try to avoid hitting people multiple times during the same event, but I don’t always remember names. I suggested a few creative ways I could help get him any missing resources back if he really wanted. I closed by inviting him to a group chat to discuss, which invitation he rejected, no doubt deducing that it was a cunning trap and that he would be assassinated with knife emojis if he’d come.

My leader came online and quoted the email in full, which started with “You might want to talk to Tinsir about bullying” and ended with threatening to farm our whole team. I agreed that she should probably talk to me about bullying, specifically about how to get better at it, since as things stand I’m apparently so lax that I can’t even remember who needs a wedgie.

The elite individual in question was far too busy to reply to me about any of this for a while. When he did, he angrily told me that he knew it wasn’t an accident because I’d attacked him twice with the “same attack style.” “If your an officer you should know better and PG won’t pair you with someone you defeated. I have you bookmarked like had me,” he told me in what I assume he believed were sentences.

This raised several questions:

  1. Why would I or anyone else bother with multiple attack styles versus his base? Doesn’t everyone else just show up and occasionally push a button and then win?

  2. Does he believe in Matchmaking Gremlins who PG employs to keep good boys and girls from being attacked twice?

  3. If so, does he believe that officers are taught about the gremlins at Cadet School?

Instead of asking this, I attempted to explain that I hit the 1.9m event tier, without much help from teammates, which means I’ve done a lot of raids; that my method for hunting is to go to matchmaking, swipe down to the bottom and look at the last five people, and attack whoever’s got stuff, with the result that if you’re 150-180 and you hunt around the same time that I do, there’s a decent chance I’ve hit your base at least once. Repeats are possible, though unlikely. Maybe for them an 85-104 beating their base with 1-2 dragons is memorable, but it really isn’t in the opposite direction.

Many hours later, he said, “That explains everything. Sorry, I’m an idiot.” I found myself nodding because he seemed correct on both counts, wished him good luck, and then ten minutes later got attacked by him again three times, again for 0 lumber.

He followed with a long email explaining he had changed his mind, that he didn’t buy it, and he would keep hitting me until I owned up to “it.” (Where “it” is bookmarking him, I think?)

I reminded him of back when he’d said he was wrong and an idiot and suggested he revisit that position, since I felt that direction had real promise. I questioned him on his beliefs concerning Matchmaking gremlins. I told him this was both the silliest and the least harmful tantrum I’d ever seen playing the game.

I think my irritation may have been more convincing him than my courtesy; he hastily apologized and explained he’d only been playing the game a year and etc., etc., etc. I told him to have a good evening and mentioned the issue as resolved in our officers’ chat.

Our leader chimed in: “Oh, that guy? I told him to fuck off.”
Other officer: “Take notes, Tinsir.”

We all marveled at the superiority of her conflict resolution skills over mine.

LFM - Plat 4 - FieldOfReeds - any level :)

So we have an open door policy, but if you’re kick, then to return you need to have 100k medals. If you’ve missed a war then you have a week suspension then you can return if ya have a 100k medals.

Ok. So we had a young girl on our team, who had fallen behind in activity and we kicked and sent her the message with the shpeal. Well she was pretty young and had entered the LC looking for a new team. Some of the other teams started picking on her name and you could tell she was confused and didn’t understand etc. So we immediately invited her back so she was in a safer space till we could find her a new team.
So I’m messaging her to tell we were looking for a new team for her and her response was “in your dreams, you’re not getting rid of me. I’m not going anywhere” and IMMEDIATLY started non stop attacking to get her 100k. Poor thing. I couldn’t help but laugh.


One time on WD, I sent out 3 random invites and the game invited 3 players I had just kicked minutes early


Omg :joy: I wonder how low the odds of that are.


Ok, I’ll bite

This one time at war dragons , back when everyone was new . My husband joined a team and soon found himself in the middle of a bunch of teenagers , he would laugh at them yet he was made an officer .
One day they set up an online chat where they all discussed all sorts of things , mainly teenage related along with a lot of flirting , so he didn’t quite fit in and was about to leave the team , then one of the male member shows started talkin* dirty to one of the girls , she played along …thing so turned sour when this male teammate started to virtually rape her , this is where hubby stood in and stuck up for the girl child , kicked the cretin and farmed him til he cried .
This girl child was so grateful she sent him nudes and told everyone he was her boyfriend hubby was shocked and left , but she stalked him relentlessly ,on the game and on Facebook and her friend also believed she was his girlfriend , I mailed Both of them and told them to back off …they refused to believe he was married , so I sent the nudes to her mother

Moral of the story , don’t be nice to flirty trollops, be a twunt wherever possible


Congratulations on marrying a gentleman. I hope that he never changes even though you want him to be different. The world needs more men like him. :rose:


I have no WD story,but wanted to say I laughed hard at tinsir’s story.


Ok, I’ve been waiting for someone else to post this story, but I can’t resist…
At one point, I was a member of a well-established, respected Sapphire team. The leader of the team went inactive due to rl issues. After a few days, the officers started to panic because they couldn’t reach him inside or outside of game. They contacted PG and asked to have the leadership turned over to one of the officers, but PG refused to help. PG said there was nothing they could do, the team would just have to wait until the leader was kicked for inactivity and a new leader was automatically promoted. The entire team waited on pins and needles, not knowing when it would happen or who would be promoted. Finally one day, the leader was kicked. But instead of an officer being promoted (as you would logically think), the system promoted some random guy who had just joined the team about a week before (let’s call him Jerkface).
At this point, 100 out of 100 people would have just said, “Oh my goodness, a mistake has been made! Officers, who would you like me to promote as leader?” Not Jerkface. lol
He decides this is his chance to have himself control of a successful Sapphire team. So he goes all dictator on us and says “I am your leader now”. :joy::joy::joy:
Multiple people try to explain to him that the team won’t follow him and that he needs to turn over the leadership to an officer. LOTS of members quit the team. He continues to dig in his heels. I could go on and on about the conversations that were had between him and the team that day as he sat in chat and continued to kick people who argued with him and accept random people who applied. Often, former members would argue with him, get kicked, change their names, and then he would unknowingly accept them back. It was hilarious. Our officers were also in contact with other leaders in the league and we asked them to help put pressure on him to do the right thing. We (and they) warned him over and over that the team would get declared on by everyone in the league when the PVP event ended that night if he didn’t turn over leadership, but he wouldn’t back down. The guy wouldn’t listen to reason (see the Evil Breeding Path thread for a similar phenomenon :joy:). But it was actually rather inspiring to see an entire league come together like that. You should have seen LC at the time and the universal outrage against the Jerk. lol :sunglasses:
In the end, half of the team quit. They ended up with something like 29 declares in one day I think? (They were able to get more than 25 because they got some in Sapphire and were defeated in those before the end of the day, went down to Platinum and were declared on by some Platinum teams. :joy::joy::joy:
AFTER the team was completely destroyed, Jerkface finally quit the team. Needless to say, several members of the team have since made it their life’s mission to follow Jerkface through his many name changes and farm him. Many going so far as to contact the leader of every team he joins to let them know what a, well, Jerkface he is and get him kicked.

Moral of the story: Don’t be a Jerkface


But what if I AM a jerk face? My mommy always told me to just be myself… are you saying my mom is wrong?


Yes, yes I am :wink: :woman_shrugging: