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This one time, i played a mobile game this long.


This one time in War Dragons a fool said good bye to their team to go off and explore the world of WD.
@imnoegg I miss you.


We miss you too
You just let me know ANYTIME you want to join EOD and I’ll have invite sent to you


Lolol I have heard about that happening before…
Good job at teaching someone like that how they can’t do anything they want with 50 freaking ppl
:see_no_evil: sufficiently earned name


A million in one chance on that lololol


That’s awesome




My favorite War Dragons forum post ever :beers:


This one time, at War Dragons (forum), I read a really funny story. It was so funny in fact, that I was very tempted to emulate the antagonist, so that the author would have the basis for another good story for me to get a few more laughs out of.


This one time at War Dragons, one of our members asked me to help with a farmer. After raiding the guy, I sent him a polite mail informing him that it was rude to attack a base again after it has been defeated. The guy said that our member raided him first and got his leader involved. :roll_eyes:

It so happened the leader was someone I had known in the past and admired. After we determined it was another case of revenge upon revenge upon revenge raiding, we got to chatting about other things. I asked if he’d seen Phweemp and offered to have a friend show him the cartoon dragon. In turn, he offered to have a friend show me Donivalis. (Doni had just been released and his summoned Dodo was a huge hit. Whoever invented Doni was a genius. :heart_eyes:)

Shortly after, his friend Light mailed to bring Doni by. Light was a leader of his own team and was sincerely a nice person. He swung by my base and spit out Dodo and that was that… or was it? :thinking:.

A month or so later, Light applies to our team and joins as our highest level member. He is still with us to this day … being perfectly helpful and full of humor each day. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

This one time at War Dragons, a case of ping-pong raiding brought us happiness. :grin:


This one time at War Dragons, before the weekly shuffling of teams, a failed alliance and LC drama made it necessary for us to find a new plat home ASAP. This meant we needed to lose +100 team points to drop to gold and then go back up to plat later. Unfortunately, there was ~30 hours left in the cycle but new wars wouldn’t start for another 21 hours … and wouldn’t end until after the cycle. :sweat:

I looked in on LC and thought, ain’t no way can I deal with this crap for another week. We’re leaving. :roll_eyes:

So we declared two wars and asked the other division teams to declare on us. Before war, we bounced members to rack up flames for the other side. It was “Hold onto you jiggles :cherries: or juggles :tangerine::tangerine:” in TC as members were booted.

When the wars started, we had given the teams an excellent head start. However, they needed to 250 us before the cycle ended, else we’d be stuck in the league for another week. So we turned the wars into a competition between the teams, challenging them to be the first to 250 us. We gave LC war flame updates and cheered them towards the finish line. Our screens were ablaze with war defend banners, making our last hours in Platinum Angry Sahran fun and exciting. :tada::dizzy::fire::dizzy::tada:

The final rankings?

  • 0 hr, 00 minutes - TheBluePheonix (disbanded)
  • 0 hr, 23 minutes - SnowWolvez (Sap 3)
  • 0 hr, 35 minutes - BadIntentionz (Plat 4)
  • 1 hr, 26 minutes - IndoDragonoid (Plat 4)
  • 2 hr, 11 minutes - LethalFury (Sap 3)
  • 3 hr, 01 minutes - HELLSMILITIA (disbanded)
  • 3 hr, 40 minutes - 1stRussia (disbanded)
  • 4 hr, 14 minutes - PitDragonz (disbanded)
  • 4 hr, 22 minutes - Dragonteam (Gold 2)
  • 4 hr, 22 minutes - RYU12345 (Gold 4)
  • 4 hr, 22 minutes - MyRevenge (Gold 5)

This one time at War Dragons, we got 250’d by eleven teams in 7 hours. :beers:


Omg that sounds so fun! I love creative solutions like this :smile:


OUR TEAM at the time: 49 members, gold league, minimum level to join - 6, no officers only 1 leader which is me.
I was farming a level 14 because he sent a threat message to one of the teammates…

2 minutes later…
My teammate says, “We need to recruit because (example name) RageQuitter quit our team yesterday.”

In response, I go to the team meeting hall and tap on the invite button which invites 3 random people.

3 minutes later…
I look in the “sent mail,” to see if there is anyone worth sending an invite message about our team, just by looking at the level… Nobody is worth sending an invite mail to…I scroll down to the bottom to farm this guy again

The attack screen loads…

A message saying, “you cannot attack your teammates,” pops up and I was like :open_mouth: :astonished: Huh? wth?

I return to my base and go back to the inbox mail. I was searching for the threat mail he sent me earlier to stop farming him. I hit the mail and hit the reply button. HOWEVER

I tapped the message above the message intended, and that was an invite to a platinum team. WAIT that means that the reply button was an accept invite button… Crap

The players of that platinum team were like, how did a lvl 50 get an invite??? The leader immediately kicked me and farmed me 30+ times after sending me a mail saying you are too low level for our amazing team when there were lvl 100s still in green tier like me LOL. :joy:

5 minutes later…
I’m trying to join my original team…since there were no officers… I wondered who was the leader. I threw my phone at the wall…how the heck does this happen.

The lvl 14 I was farming… was the leader of my original team. Still confused, I checked whom I sent the invites to and out of all the players in war dragons above level 6, the generator sent an invite to this idiot.

Lvl 14 guy accepts me back…he says in Team Chat, “All of you must listen to your new leader…hahah.” He goes on and on sounding like a tyrant maniac. :laughing: Before I could send anything to ask for my position back, even though I doubt he would obey me lol.

Then, the level 14 kicks most of the people on the team…

2 days later…
He quit the team.

I guess he got bored coz there was nobody to talk to…so lonely - what a loser lmao
I’m thinking maybe he didn’t know how to quit a team for 2 days :joy: :joy:


That’s crazy! Love it!!! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


One time at War Dragons, I downloaded the game in January of last year. Quit after a few days because I found it boring. Another time at War Dragons, I re-downloaded it in July.
And now…



This one time in War Dragons, I realized that I’ve been playing for over a year now and I still haven’t unlocked Fang
Don’t know whether to be proud or disappointed

I’m settling for meh


You’ll get there :laughing:


By @Shadelos :slight_smile:


I was one of those teams i think that helped war you down upon request. One of the only times in the history of the team that we have declared on a team less than 50 players.


This one time in war dragons, I mistook the league chat for my team chat because the past 30 hours only showed a few comments from us. It was the shortest and quietest I’d ever seen a league chat before.