Share your, “This one time at War Dragons” story 🙃


This one time at War Dragons we had a hard time raising team engagement, so our officers decided to make a small competition to choose mvp of the week based on event and war activity. The winner gets to rename the entire officers and our leader for 24 hours. And so this happened.


That’s ingenious!!! I hope it worked and the team is doing well! :heart_eyes::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Thank you, Sam. It did works to give the barely actives some competitive spirit and the chat got to be lively again for the ridiculous name choice. We stopped it after a month tho because it didn’t touch the ones at the bottom activity and the winner started to be obvious. But at least it worked out on our critical time.


I use to do that alot. If you want it to benefit everyone simply pair people up. Get them to compete against each other to rename the other person.


Sounds fun! Imagine the chaos finding who’s who :rofl:


This one time earlier today my team was disbanding so I booted some random people and promoted random people to leader, started some wars and bailed to my new team!!! :wink:


But why start wars? :thinking:


Everyone was leaving except inactives so the inactives will get their ass kicked and help the league out by letting those teams gain xp


declare war on us please.



Already gone boss lol


This one time I made the whole league chat…
ponder the grape emoji and how detailed it was :grapes:
It was like we were a giant cult, That worshipped the grape emoji.


This one time at War Dragons, we had to declare on some punies and felt like dirty bullies. :persevere:

So we created CHESTbase for those punies to treasure hunt. It was suppose to be a temporary thing but became permanent due to its popularity. Sorry again punies for stealing your team points. :see_no_evil: