Shareable Replays

So… what do these do exactly? I’m guessing they allow you to share your replays with your teammates? Send it to someone? Save it to your device (probably not)? Haven’t found an answer to this before.

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It allows you to save the video to your device. It is not very reliable, however. A screen recorder is more versatile.

Ahh very interesting, thank you. I don’t have the latest iOS so I can’t screen record, but this is good to know. Thanks again :+1:

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The only downside to iOS 11 screen recording is the resolution isn’t the best, if you’re playing on ios devices

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I wish I’d known this earlier! My greatest achievement in game and now I can’t even prove it because it didn’t record the battle for whatever reason. It’s so frustrating!

The in-game one eats your storage like crazy too, and doesn’t even save half the time

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I got tired of it asking permission to record for every run on my iPad Pro so I leave it turned off. I use the handy iOS 11 screen recording feature if I decide I want to record a run.


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