"Sharing Accounts"

does that mean we arent allowed to play on 2 Device’s anymore?

cause im playing most of the time on my Ipad and when im at work or outside the house i use my Smartphone.

can anyone clarify?

@PGJared @Arelyna @DragonPunch ?


Very good point, I’d also like clarification as well as I also use my iPad and iPhone depending on if I’m home or not…

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I PMed Dragonpunch to ask - no reply yet

Personal devices?
In this day and age of technology, it seems a no brainer that we be able to play our War Dragons account on any of our personal devices. I certainly understand account sharing is a problem. But, the convienence of being able to open my account on my iPad for home play and then, when inconvienent for the larger device, to play on an iPhone.

After all it is my account, not cheating not even ever wanting to cheat or share. It’s life in this modern age.

I’ve only seen Pg say “don’t use your account on multiple devices” because of a data and loss of progress issue, not because it’s a cheat.

If I am wrong I’d really like clarification.

Please give me this clarification :woman_shrugging:t3:

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This is a very good question… I know that a lot of people with alt accounts that regularly flip between them. Does this mean we all get banned? Or is it a bigger issue, where they are identifying that accounts are logged into by others not from the same IP address?

Yes please clarify. I could understand the frustration from PG about custody battles over accounts, on the other hand I do have 2 accounts and often switch back and forth on my phone as my IPad is old and slow. Very very slow. I do hope to be able to continue so as I own the email addresses for both accounts.

Please give us some clarification @DragonPunch

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Can we have some Input pls

I too would like clarification!

I actively play a couple accounts, AND in addition I also have alts which I log in once or twice every week or or two, however I only have 1 phone and 2 ipads (soon to be 1 ipad).

The community would loose favorite farm bases such as MicroDoc and NanoDoc if I am no longer allowed to switch which account I have logged in on my phone. :scream:


@Doc As long as you’re the only one logging in to those accounts, from only one device, I can’t imagine in what way that could be seen as sharing. The main concern is what happens if people use the same account on multiple devices, like using both your phone and your ipad for the same account. That’s still not sharing, but it might trigger an algorithm somewhere anyway.

Also thanks a lot for running those two bases, they’re absolutely brilliant!

It’s really hard to prove account sharing unless the other person is on another country or another state.

However, if you share your account and then that guy stole it from you. I think banning the account is needed instead of recovering the account.

I think PG just don’t want to do another custody battle. If 2 or more people are claiming the account, then ban the account after confirming that those people have the correct information for account recovery.

I don’t understand why @DragonPunch cannot just come back onto forums to confirm? @PGCrisis @Arelyna please chase him up thanks!

I get the account transfer but acount sharing really who comes up with some of these rules. does pg employ kids. If so we need to get someone with a brain in the leadership

Seriously! some people just want to help others out, especially when players do not have enough time to do the bare minimum. I get the whole cheating part, but please set up some rules and guidelines for the cheaters and leave some room for people who just wanna have fun.


people will find ways to go around it and abuse it or even cheat around those guidelines.

We’re lucky enough that PG was letting people share their account to someone legally. In other games, you would be ignored if someone stole your account or simply ban it to close the case because you shared it or they strictly don’t allow account sharing.

Account sharing is one of the most abused thing in any online game. You go around the rules by simply asking for an email change and then you magically let someone play your account under a different email under the guise that you don’t have access to your email anymore.

It will only become a problem if that person traded your items to another account without you knowing about it or let it get ban because why not?

People will do everything for anything

Agree with their new policy about transfers. But if theyre serious about banning accounts that get shared then theyre about to ban most of diamond. Theres teams that require you to share your login if you want to join, so I guess we will see if they all get banned. Im gonna go out on a limb and say they dont.


Precisely right. Not expecting a roadmap or even a statement of enforcement priorities but if 1/3 or more of D1 gets panned soon, we’ll have our answer I guess.

No. Account sharing has too many loopholes and issues to keep just because you wanna help someone out. Help in other ways.

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That isn’t clarification. We are talking using our accounts on our own personal devices. I have my mini on a very old iPad but also have to open my mini on my iPhone. My main account is on my iPad Pro and I do not switch devices. But, and a big but, I’d like to be able , for convienience sake open any account I personally own on any of my devices without PG deciding that’s a bad thing. It seems their coding is not advanced enough to allow the game to play well on our separate devices. Seriously, inconvenient when other games can easily be played on either of my devices with no concern.

So…having repeated myself, I would like a PG representative to clarify how and why this is a no no!:woman_shrugging:t3:

From PGJared:

TL;DR – Having multiple devices isn’t account sharing.

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What about those of us that use floating VPN’s? Will there be some sort of IP tracking?

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