Sharing american history

Took the maker of this movie 10 years to make used his own money to make this film
While we shot them out the sky

We shot them out the ground maybe never heard of the unit but If you ever heard about the battle of the buldge they were in that battle the 761st tank batallion

I met one of these women at the UTC campus didn’t know about these women either
The 6888th central postal batallion

Rip Alyce Dixon

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This is not the place to post “real war” or political stuff. I hate it even more if its patriotic.

Would you want to see an Iranian artillery brag-post after war here? I think not…

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This is why you learn history so you’re not bound to repeat it just don’t disrespect my history

Yeah you tend to post like this is Facebook haha. :see_no_evil: lots of threads daily. Keep in mind that there is an off topic thread but Facebook may be more productive for off topic things lol


Like I said before I don’t do Facebook Twitter any other social media outside of this is YouTube

It’s not disrespecting. There are just times and places for this and posting stuff relating to wars and politics. And in a video game forum seems a bit iffy.

And I really can’t help but feel sloth has it right there.

Nobody is disrespecting “your” history. Even in the off-topic section, this is quite irrelevant. Some of your other off-topic threads like people pronouncing Hueso’s name wrong and something about “a cute cuddly carnivore” was also quite irrelevant. If you’re going to make an off-topic thread, make something that’s interesting like your word change game instead of making a thread just for the sake of making a thread.

See people don’t like education for all you know someone who you may see this and becomes interested and use it for school and be inclined to learn more

While this may be true, like others said, you shouldn’t be posting things related to politics and wars on the forums.

Didn’t someone post a Biden vs trump not too long ago? That stood go a minute

I could give names that are apart of history but are never spoken

Example John Robert Foxx he one of the many names that aren’t mentioned

Yes, the politics thread got closed.

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Bloodwiser this is very interesting, I agree with that u should share.

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I agree share it good or bad especially war history. Considering today is Veterans Day!

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Does anyone know who John Robert fox is in history?

Another name Jill E Brown you can see her bio

Another name that’s not spoken

August Nathaniel Lushington

Or Kim Jong Un. Some North Korean history woop woop.

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Did you ready the title?