Sharing Food and Lumber


Since Dragons are such ravenous creatures and as they go up in tiers they consume even more and Towers now going to lvl 60, how about increasing the maximum of transfers in 20 mins from 3 to 4? @PGJared


Since they obviously wont increase the amount that can be transfered: to around 300k each- then this seems like a fine idea. I cant even transfer enough from my storage to save the rss from attackers and my hut is only level 54(or something)! I feel bad for those with storage caps in the millions trying to collect rss while terrified of being hit.


It would be amazing! Getting food and wood at higher lvl is damn near impossible without having 3-4 people send max transfers to help. Personally I’d like to be able to send rss every few minutes and help more than once every 20 and the rss be stolen as soon as they arrive.


I’ll suggest it to the team!


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