Shell teams in Atlas

Why are shell teams allowed to exist still in Atlas? This is a blatant manipulation of game mechanics. Teams using these inactive, closed teams allow bigger teams to hold more than 50 castles. Not pointing fingers, but it appears the biggest complainers about pirate teams are also the biggest cheaters using shell teams. There should be minimum requirements about activity and members to be able to participate in Atlas.


That would block new/developing teams from ever participating in Atlas. What is needed is some form of segregating by activity, whether it is a positionally based map, or separate Atlas maps.

A team with 5-6 members with inactive status and closed for membership is not a developing team. They are very easy to spot.

Nah, there are too many jerks around that try to steal gold in the bank according to the complains on the forums.

Closed membership or review only even for teams with low # of members are fine with me.

If I want to conquer their castles, I will conquer their castles when my family agrees.

If that backfires and other teams help them reconquering the castle and my family can’t hold the it, then so be it. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Some of the teams with 6-8 members are teams that closed down sometime along the years in game but have some players remain there after retirement. I don’t see any valid reason to shut them down.


Well then shit… I guess my team isnt a developing team. Yes were not closed to applications, but set a review only. But we have a handful of people marked as inactive because theyre busy with life. Does that mean that were manipulating the games mechanics? And does that mean we dont deserve castles?

Im sorry im not trying to be rude, even if some might read my reply as rude.
But smaller teams in leagues like plat 4-2 complain about pirates all the time, myself included. So does that make myself a cheater?

On the other note, yes i do agree there needs to be certain requirements for a team to get atlas. Personally i dont think a gold 1 team shouldn’t be allowed access to atlas, unless they were higher up in leagues and dropped down for some reason. But now its easy to start a new team in bronze and within two weeks be in gold 1. I think the minimum level needs to be raised a little as well. Its nothing against the newbies of the game, but theyre just starting out. Theyre learning the main game things, throwing atlas at them isnt going to help.

To steal castles and destroy infra.