Shield activated before an attack has finished

Just a question… I was just told that because another player started their attack before I bubbled their castle, their attack would count . I have started several attacks in the past and as soon as the shield is enabled, the attack didn’t count. Am I wrong in thinking that their attack should have been invalid or have I been getting ripped off on all my other attacks in the past?

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If your attack is the one to push a castle into bubbling, your attack will count.

If your attack finishes after someone else has bubbled the castle, your attack will not count.


When the attack ends is what matters not begins. Atlas is speed, think lightening McQueen

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That is true, unless the person you are hitting moves off the bubbled castle before your attack lands it will count.


That is not what PG is telling me… I have been going back and forth since yesterday about this with them

I can post their reply too prove it also

please do. i wanna use it as a reference to pg support agents incompetence.


Hi Tinman19,

I understand where you are coming from and how it makes you feel frustrated because of the time and resources you invested in the game. Upon checking the logs, the attack of QueenxWolfie was finished almost the same time you have triggered the castle shield. Since the attack was launched before the bubble, it won’t be canceled as per the team. Nevertheless, we want all of our players to enjoy this game to the fullest and for this, we are always open to honest feedback and suggestions. Be assured that never your words would go unheard. If not today, we do implement things based on your messages in the future. I’ll definitely let our development team know about this and we will look into it to see what can be done to improve the overall experience.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again through a new ticket.


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There is one of them… if the attack started before bubbled it counts :man_shrugging:t2::see_no_evil::woozy_face:

And yes… I know that but clearly the support people do not

So this is what I have inferred to be how this works based on experience and some quick testing around how this works (inferred because I did not write nor have I read the code).

Step 1: you launch an attack and the game tests the criteria.
Both Primachs at castle?
No shield?
No special criteria stopping the attack?

Step 2: Damage calculation at the end.
Is there a shield active (based on and only checked for DEFENDERS primarch because they were confirmed at same location when attack happend and it saves processing)
Do both Primarchs still have troops?
Apply damage algorithm.

Again this is just the best I can infer from observation but it fits what I have observed perfectly.

I finished my attack and bubbled the castle one minute before their counter finished. I also showed Support people the attack log stating that

And that is the problem with observational data. Lag is a potential factor as is a mistake in my observations.

I would agree but if they would have finished first I would have been wiped out and the castle shield wouldn’t have been activated

I’d like an explanation here too.
Let’s say I started the attack, and bubbled the castle. The same time I started the attack, the castle defender is hitting me too.
I bubble the castle first and their bubble goes up.
I move out of the castle. To sz
After a couple of minutes the castle defender completed his attack on me and I lose my remaining troops on my primarch.
How does this work?

When the attack finished you were at a castle that did not have a shield. The coding assumes that if you were attacked you are at a castle that can be attacked at the end of that battle so all it checks for is if there is an active shield.

Fewer points checked require fewer processes and helps reduce lag. By a non zero amount (tiny almost insignificant on its own but adds up)

Just realized there is a more important reason to not check the defenders location after a battle. If it did you could move in and draw attacks then move off immediately. While the attacker is in the middle of a battle that you just negated they can move another Primach in and hit them without them having any chance to do anything but die.

Now that I think about it that is the more likely reason.

It has also been so that if you are attacked at a castle and move to another castle before the attack is over, the attack still counts.

It you are attacking a castle/prim at a castle and the castle shield is activated before you are done, the attack doesn’t count.

Would be interesting to check if the opposite correlates.
As in - my prim is at castle A with no shield. I get attacked, and move to castle B that has a shield. Now would this attack count or not?

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Logically yes. I have already had this scenario by going to the white zone. I died despite everything

The white zone is not the same as a shielded castle :woman_shrugging: