Shield activation requirements

Presently, we need to lose over 70k troops per base before our shield activates. Sadly, that is the majority of our troops.
Clearly this figure has been set with more established/larger teams in mind.
Can late roll out teams have some dispensation here and a reduction in loss amounts for 3 months, or something?

Really? My team isn’t a beta team and I think we have 1.4m troops and we used a bunch last event and when we expanded/defended.

Let’s assume your team scrapes the bare minimum of the barrel and each player builds 400 troops a day. This is free and literally takes a few minutes to do. That is 20,000 troops a day. However, let’s assume you have a few “cats” on your team and 0 people who do more than the absolute bare minimum and lower that to 15,000 troops built a day. That is 105,000 troops in a week. Bare minimum assuming you have cats and 0 people who do anything more than the bare minimum.

Now let’s assume half your team builds 800 troops a day and the other half builds 400. That’s still pretty low standards and 100% easily doable for free. That is 30,000 troops a day and 210k troops a week.

Is my math entirely wrong here?

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Which if they have 3 bases that’s what is required they loose before the shield is activated. If I’m understanding him correctly.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. In my opinion:

  1. Teams should be careful what land they take
  2. Teams should be enforcing minimum troop building requirements
  3. Teams shouldn’t spread themselves too thin

If a team could easily build 210k troops a week and all on Atlas have had Atlas for well over a week, I don’t think having more troops is a major issue. Tell people to stop wasting troops glory hunting

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Hey! We’re damn good at rebuilding after attacks.
Anyway, troop count is low. I’d have thought a percentage of troops would be fair, but you guys with heaps of troops won’t be in that.

Anyways, not wrong on numbers. This team has had atlas for four weeks. One of those was rudderless, and little was done. 2nd week was leaders started to figure it out a bit. Then I joined, week three.
So while enthusiastic team members are having a go, we need to drag the other half along.
But if we’d been here longer, and had more than a few with much of an idea, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Just thought it curious that it was a number to lose, being a big chunk for a new team.

And no, this has nothing to do with teams troop numbers. I have no idea how that clown picked that from this thread.

This has everything to do with troop numbers. You wouldn’t have made this post if your team had 2M troops.

Atlas is a game of Strategy and Patience. If you’re unable to hold land, put a plan in place and work toward it.

You already know what team I’m on. We’ve been wiped out (100% troop loss) and lost our home more times than I care to mention. When the worst happens, we set up in the safe zone, we make a plan, engage our allies, and we start again.

You, asking for special treatment or “dispensation” because you’re just getting started is an insult to the players on the teams who’ve lost it all been forced to start over with less than you have now.

You want help? Here is the best advice you’re going to get:

  • If you’re holding land with less than 1M troops, you’re at risk.
  • If half your team isn’t participating in Atlas, you don’t have enough to coordinate a defensive campaign.
  • If you want to be successful in Atlas, your team will need to be patient, and
  • I recommend making friends, not calling people names on the forums.
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Thanks for the constructive contribution. Pity it was sullied by your attempting to make fun of me in your other post.
Keep it constructive, it’s so much more helpful.

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