Shield enable/disable cooldown


Some teams are cleverly abusing shield activation/deactivation during pvp. Exploit is all good if the game allows. So, I have nothing against the team doing this.

  • You see a team doing CG swap.
  • You go and try to kill some troops.
  • They notice.
  • They enable shield after they trap you.
  • They lower the shield and attack you.
  • You counter attack
  • They fail early, they enable shield to prevent their troop loss.
  • Your five flame attack cant be counted as the shield is enabled.
  • They can rinse and repeat as many times as they want if they are using line calls etc.

My suggestion: There must be a 5 mins or so cooldown for enabling and disabling the shield.

Just my two cents.

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I feel like there are a ton of more important things to address than the PvP shield and you not getting to crash someone’s guard swap.


It is an exploit/abuse. As it is not fair, It is important. :man_shrugging:t2:

PG lose more by allowing CG swaps anyway.


Some turds with maxed bases are camping on our castles during PVP and getting mad when we take out the trash.

They seem to have missed the memo that PVP shields are not the time to harass much smaller teams; the time for them to do that is every other time.

I will say that top of D1 has graduated from sending 69 troops repeatedly to sit on our castles, so I guess they should be saluted for their uptick in maturity, but they followed this by unseemly whining. One step forward, two steps back.

They should go home and content themselves with telling each other how much better they are, and continue to die pointlessly in the actual game.


I never named you guys. It is just about the mechanics. I do not think enabling or disabling the shield should be free of consequences… :man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t think you should be able to park on another teams castle without consequences. Shocking I know.


Do you think I care about some thousands of troops? :joy:

simple solution stay off the castle then you have nothing to worry about


That would have serious consequences. Can easily conquer a castle in 5 minutes…

There arent that many teams bigger than you now.

Wish I could like this comment multiple times.


But I did name you. These complaints are unsightly.

The point of PVP shields is that you shouldn’t be forcing people to play Atlas during PVP. If you choose to do that instead, you deserve every disadvantage that the mechanics allow, and they are considerable. If do this to a team that has demonstrated deep knowledge of every other aspect of the game, you get what you get.

I think you care about not getting to do what you wanted to. We certainly care about making interlopers fail a lot more than we do about some 1s and 0s.

Rank 1 is still larger than us, irritatingly.


Personally I think they should just remove the option to lower shields during pvp. Probably shouldn’t be able to add guards during it either. Ideally you also wouldn’t give everyone free passage during it either.

I guess I’d say the weird dynamic we have in atlas during pvp isn’t great. Many many teams use it for swapping levelling less used prims etc so it has a role.

I like that pvp provides a break from hardcore atlasing I dislike that it’s often used to recover/handover/swap etc.


My last words in this topic:

  • Enabling/disabling shield should have consequences. It should not be free.

The regular shield does have this mechanic when bubbled. There’s a substantial cooldown. This is a PvP shield, the mechanic is different.

Again, way more important things to address than you not getting your way.


A helpful tutorial for all teams facing guard swap crashers and otherwise trying to disinfect their castles during PVP events.

@moderatorz Maybe this should be moved to the guides category with a better title?


I’m more curious as to the fact that if this is such an issue, why is it just now being brought up? Why not the years its been in play? Oh… because it inconvenienced them today and is now suddenly an issue.


That is certainly true, and is one of the top five problems with Atlas. There are a few solutions; they have pros and cons, but nearly all of them are better than the current state; I’m trying to push at least one through. In the meantime, if you want to try to mess with swaps, godspeed! I think they’re very destructive to the game.

Shield mechanics are not destructive to the game, nor are they a major issue, nor would they be in the top 50 minor issues. They are intended as a counter to abusive or just annoying behaviors; they are a superb reason not to camp castles. Again, if you want to mess with swaps, good luck, but you’re betting that the home team either won’t notice or doesn’t know the counterplay. Which is fine, but if you lose your bet, lose it gracefully. I’ve crashed a lot of swaps, been screwed by shield mechanics a few times, and have made threads complaining about it exactly zero times, which is the correct number.




We all know too well it will be toxic pretty soon
Let’s just enjoy the fire for now