Shield troops for Atlas

Not sure what the new dynamic of Atlas may look like after the mini season, but was thinking it would be cool to be able to create shield troops as well as attack troops.

Shield troops do no damage, and wouldn’t be counted as troops towards the ability to do a CG attack, castle conquer, or taunter bypass, but are killed first, and could be priced to have a cheaper “hat” count to train over attack troops. These troops simply absorb damage dealt 1/1 to protect attack troops.

If you loaded a sieger with 15k shield troops and 3k attack troops, you would not be able to bypass a taunter with 5k troops… as your attack rating is still only 3k… but enemies would need to wipe the shield troops first before they can “get” to the attack troops to free a prim.

It might make trappers more strategic in use (you could fully load them with shield troops for a lower cost than present, but can do 0 damage) and help slightly stem the heavy bleed in rss some players who use taunters may encounter.

So as to not make it OP, these troops would possibly not be revivable due to the cheaper costs… and they would gain an attacker slightly more glory than killing a regular troop.

Given that some of the new dragons take strategy (and therefore extended time to complete runs), this might make it more viable to use these dragons in Atlas attacks so one can land before the prim has been freed.

Also would create more of a strategic dynamic as to how prims are loaded (attack vs. defense)

no matter how cheap, if they cost hats but can’t be revived, then i’d say nay for this idea. -unless they cost 1 hat to build 15k of them.

but keep them coming. i like seeing new ideas. :+1:t2: