Shieldless PvP Event Feedback


This thread is to discuss your feedback and experiences for deactivated Castle Shields in Atlas during the Capture the Flag event.

Feedbacks on No Shield during PVP event




One question. Why? This just allows stronger teams/high spending teams to grab the land. Why not just continue with the shields?


Sorry it was two questions


For God’s Sake, please turn the shields back on. We’d like to have some peaceful time during a chore like this event. Can you imagine spending 3-4 hours in event to grind and at the same time have to watch for atlas defend banners?


This is a stupid idea PG. atlas is not really competitive as it is cos the highest teams got established before anyone could get a foothold, so the lower teams now are doomed from the start and the higher teams just do what they want, there is no competition at all. It’s also intense and 24 hours 7days per week, no respite, except the PvP when the shields go up and give teams a chance to breathe and regroup ready to build rss and try to actually become of significance in the game. Without this break atlas drones on, as always massively stacked in favour of the same handful of high lvl teams, who cannot catch a break or chance to breathe. Players will not choose to continue playing that way.


Need some down time from Atlas during pvp events. Add the shields back up.


Come on, major events were the only time I got to sleep :sob:


I ask this. Have any of the foo… individuals making this game ever played it at a high level? I mean most of you aren’t silver quality let alone of a level to have Atlas.

Why not poll atlas players to ask if it’s something you should try? But then, why do anything with forethought, intelligence and player care as a priority. It’s not your schtick.


This was discussed in this thread for a month:


And the majority of the responses were “DO NOT TAKE SHIELD OFF DURING PVP EVENTS” and PG ignored the majority and decided to do thing on their own

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Put the shields back up. Capture the flag is hard enough event to do without worrying about someone attacking our islands
Bring them back !!!


You have already put a massive imbalance into the game by letting pre-launch teams come in with 16 months of GP, xp, riders, land and continent upgrades.

At least before we had every other week to get a breather from the griefers. And now you’ve taken that away.

Colossally bad decision!


Well, this is dumb. That’s all I have to say about that


It’s difficult enough already for new atlas joiners to build troops n bases fast enough. Shields provide some catch up opportunity for us. Established atlas guilds aren’t penalized since they can build too and after shields down new guilds have more troops for them to score off. Inability to build adequate troops and interest in atlas by new joiners isn’t good for longevity of the expansion if the goal is mass market adoption

So shields up pls


Best part was. Shields were up just Long enough for me to start traveling carefree. Surpriseeeeeeeee I got stuck in a delay and killed. Thanks for that. How about a warning. Oh. It’s not your effort wasted. Foul play. Very foul play.


I am mystified about who thought this was a good idea. Most of the people who play this game have families, jobs, hobbies, lives outside of the game. While I personally believe that Atlas adds a new dimension to the game and generally enjoy it, it does take more time than the original game. By making attacks possible during pvp, you expect us to be in 2 places at once. That takes a lot of the fun out of the game and adds a lot of stress. If a game causes stress, no one is going to play. Put the shields back up before the event starts, at least if you care about your consumers’ sanity.


Here’s how they want every round on CTF to go: 5 hours 55 minutes on Atlas and last 5 minutes Mega Coin on CTF.