Shields During PVP Events?


Hey Atlas Players!

Question for you, in general do you like or want to have shields in atlas preventing PVP in atlas during the whole duration of a regular major event (Conquer the world, Tug of War, Team Gauntlet, Fight Pits, etc)

Basically this means every other week PVP will be for the most part disabled in Atlas.

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I like not having to stare at the map all day/night. I don’t like shields allowing enemies in while preventing anyone from kicking them out. Dropping shields doesn’t always work. I think delay for not having safe passage should stay so that people can’t just wander in and attack/sit on mines and poachers in other people’s land while the other team gets an officer to go disable shield. The whole pull down shield to kill intruders thing seems really clunky but I’m guessing that’s a technical limitation due to being based off the other shields?


It’s fine but why can’t we attack an enemy on our poachers? That’s BS.


Totally agree. Shields are fine but Blockers should still work and protect our territory. Right now shields allow everyone to come in, spy and block your continents, mines and poachers.


I don’t think there should be shields as it’s a completely different game and having a pvp in WD, should have zero effect on what happens in Atlas.


Are you an officer? Having to coordinate Atlas crap is a pain for most leadership I’ve talked to. If I had to worry about both I’d never sleep. Major events are the only time I get sleep at night :sob:


Keep shields for major events, the latter are time consuming enough as it is. Not as fired up one way or the other about blockers (so long as we can kill intruders without having the hassle of toggling shields)


Lol yes he is an officer, of a diamond team as well. Not to mention his amazingly strong and long… base.


Must be D2 or new D1 haha not anyone I know. Unless name change maybe :woman_shrugging:t2:
But really I think the burden might actually be less on an officer there in regards to Atlas lol


I like the shields on give time to rebuild troops, frankly it’s a breather for our teams. And still if you wanna fight red zones are there


My vote is no shields during events. Shields only for special circumstances (% of garrison destroyed, right after major updates with major changes, AND **New teams to atlas should get an extended shield after they conquer their first castle IMO).


Arg I don’t know what I want anymore.

The main game is so boring … stupid grind fest pvp event where I have to pay if I want to fly more than 4 times, would love to get up to some mischief in Atlas at least.

I’m all for shields around major changes, and for newer teams etc.

What bugs me is there is an atlas event that requires G points, yet can’t go get any without resorting in kill trading. Which I personally despise and think is counter to what should be happening.


Red Zones are there for take down. My main issue with shield down is when I am not attacking I look for defence banners to defend my strongest. Beta attacks give green banner and I usually join them. Now if shields are down I will have to leave ongoing event and defend Beta and that’s too confusing.

I agree on one point though Beta is far more interesting then ongoing event


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