Sho groth or hyaku

Get garnet hyaku
Should I get sho groth green stone or get hyped

Focus on the dragon that you have already started.

on topic.
I believe there is still enough time to swich branch. Or you can wait until all branches are revealed, as there is no more discount (no overall penalty for waiting for festive).

:flushed: Didn’t realized I typed both as on topic…

Hyaku sucks, I had fully maxed elite gear on him and meteor couldn’t one shot towers (max dragon-max towers) but maybe he’s good at your level, I don’t know :man_shrugging:

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Warriors generally do a lot better at lower levels, pre-200 especially, so for the OP he could well be viable.

Just get sho he is alot better

I think meteor isn’t supposed to one shot. That would be oh so slightly busted.

I would personally say sho is a bit better but I do not think either are the best dragons ever released. Hyaku also suffers from a pretty crippling bug last I checked

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I got Sho-Groth on my alt (well, this account) and he’s already the best dragon I have there at green tier while it is in gold tier.

If you are hesitant I suggest waiting until all dragons are available to decide. There is no rush since the warrior discount period is over.


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