Sho-groth VS Hyaku?

What about these legendary dragons ?

Who is the best for u ?

I Love the skin of ShoGroth but if Hyaku is better, ´ll take the warrior.
Discount or not isnt important for me.
Thanks for your feedback !

Always get the discount first, best value until discount expires regardless of how crappy the dragon is


If the discount is not important to you, always wait until week 8 before you make a choice, because then all the options are actually known.

But as Gyga said, it’s generally wise to get the discount no matter what the dragon is like.


That’s because in my view, the real value long term is in the prizes, not the dragons (riders pose some exception to this).

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Yes but if Hyaku is realy strong. I will lost a lot of sigils…
Thats why i need a feedback about these dragons, their power and spell kit if some of you have already fly them

Yes i understand your opinion. :slight_smile:

Some legendary are realy strong so u dont have to miss them, thats all :stuck_out_tongue:



Sigil lost = prize lost
Thats all.
My post is for speak about power and not sigils.
If shogroth is better, isnt a problem if he isnt discount. I just say this.

If i speak about discount its just because i dont want this answer : « discount is the best way »

In my experience, Hyaku is very weak and will be staying at garnet-emerald (haven’t decided yet) for Assault. I don’t have Sho-Groth yet but on paper he seems like a pretty solid dragon. Just keep in mind that invokers are difficult to learn and for that reason some people hated Namaka despite her being an absolutely incredible dragon.

Best thing to do is to wait and see what other dragons come out, listen to forum discussion, and watch videos of the dragons before making a final choice.

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This right here. I hate that the numbers make it the beat move because so often the dragon is far from the beat, but it’s simple…

To get 3 keys, with the discount, you “pay” for 2.5 keys.

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Oh and one more thing…

in before the nerf! :joy:

Nice answer !

I got namaka last season and i love him !
I think you need to like/know playing hunter for going to invokers.

Thanks for the feedback about Hyaku :wink:

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Yes but i spend all of my gems for namaka last season.
Thats why this season i will pick only one branch.

Résult : i will wait if hyaku is not realy strong, thanks !

I already got Sho’Groth and they seem pretty good so far! More skill based than Namaka, but pretty good so far! I can say that the empowered healing shot is a good passive when in a pinch along with Writhe.


Don’t mess with my discount!