Sho groth vs kullecid

Who would you pick if ur level 450 and have max elite gear for both dragons ? Kulle would run into problems if unable to burn blue mage down and shogroth can be mage drained to death :thinking:.

It’s hard since Sho’Groth is very dependent on rage to cloak while Kullecid can just burn down the blue mage and cloak as many times(well, as times as the game files will allow) as possible. I’ve flown both of them, but I have to say Sho’Groth is good for hitting a few tiers above themselves. Kullecid can gain back rage more quickly though

Kulle is op!


I’m already going for Sho (if I don’t like him, his runes will be appreciated by Namaka) - will wait before deciding the 3rd key. Specifically, wait to see if Kulle will be nerfed


I think kullecid might be the better one in this situation, currently Kullecid is being discussed a lot in the forum said that it is op so we might see a nerf coming. So if you can only get one out of the two, I suggest you should wait until later into the season.

I don’t get why people think Kullecid is OP other than being able to spam Blood Mist. He can still be killed if someone doesn’t kill the blue mage or an ice flak super shot hits him. Not to mention that there’s a limit of how much Blood Mist can be cast so even then, the flyer might spam it so many times that they hit the maximum uses of the spell during the run. Not trying to start a debate, but just wondering why some people think that Kullecid is OP. He’s pretty much almost on the same level as Zotz just a bit more stronger.


If he can’t kill the blue mage, it’s over for him. I personally think he’s quite balance and need some skill to manage ( like blinking).
I also hate the idea of nerfing/ changing the product after they’ve already been introduced into the game. I hope that they won’t make the same mistake like they did with Surt.


Why would a blue mage survive syphon strike? And why would he let an ice flak hit him if he can cloak for free?


Some scenarios like: Got stun before cast SS, storm and earth flak activate before SS kill blue ( the speed of SS is 100 A bit slower than hunter/ invoker ammo), got hit by ice flak and become a sitting duck…

Stunned by what? I’m cloaked remember.
And yes if you don’t know how to shoot a syphon and cloak before towers can fire, you can die. But flown competently against an equal level base, not really.


Kull without a doubt. He is amazing.

That being said, Kull does have a massive skill gap. For an amazing flyer, he is OP and it takes a major mistake to get shot down. For an average flyer, he will most likely be flown like Neptus.

I would be disappointed if he is nerfed. He does take skill to fly to his full potential. It’s not “instant kill red mage with a heal, gain all rage back spell, instant kill the whole island and heal even more.”


Depends on how the “balancing attempts”
Good balancing means he’ll still be ok.
Wrong change and he’ll be a sitting duck.
I’d still pick Kullecid, for now…


Exactly! The flying style for Kullecid is similar to Zotz’s just slightly modified to factor in the hunter shots, adaptive flak resist, healing in more than one way, and using Blood Mist correctly. Difference is that you have to aim for the blue mage instead of the for red mage(since Blood Mist is blue and Shadow Dispersal is red), not to mention that with adaptive flak resist, you have to time the cycling correctly to survive a kill island more easily


The spell that is making him OP is Blood Mist.

If you add a cool down to leaving the cloak early, he’s a sitting duck.
If you add a rage cost, you are a sitting duck after your second cloak.

There is no changing that spell without rendering him useless. You’d have to change his other spells too. I have a feeling when sub-par flyers get him and are getting slaughtered due to bad piloting, they gonna complain about him being too hard to fly.


Why not just change Blood Mist to red and make it like Kitsune Mischief/Shadow Dispersal(no rage costs though)? The could work. Only issue would be that then Blood Mist can be spammed anytime, on the upside, the spell has a cast limit so even if someone spams it like 50+ times on the kill island, they’re a sitting duck once they turn onto the home island since the spell won’t be able to be cast again.

That’s even worse.
Red aura block while Blue aura dispel
Why red if it doesn’t have explosion damage?

Wrong read…

@BAshtonXxX Don’t we have GPF already?
No need to overthinking things. Just bug them instead :laughing:

I said to make it like Kitsune Mischief/Syphon Strike so that includes possible explosion damage. All it takes is one well timed cloak and no mage supershots will hit Kullecid but that would then make him too powerful. It’s a bit of a dilemma so might as well just leave the spell as it is then

Didn’t pg let GPF test everything before they make the dragon available to obtain.
Did we learn nothing from Surt?


From what I heard the main thing making him strong is the fact that you can cancel cloak early and then cloak again immediately. At least that’s the jist I got from discussions.

This is very different to zotz as his had a cooldown regardless of when it was cancelled.

Giving a hunter the ability to blow all ammo, cloak, blow ammo using multiple fingers at once and then cloaking again before a flak can fire. Add in the siphon strike for sustain, the rage sustain from the other spell (I forgot it’s name) and damage resistance from his resists (and rage sustain). That and the cloak recovers ammo. Even if the spell has a cap, I’ve heard it’s around the 100 cast mark. I do not think any base remotely possible to beat would require 100 cloaks unless the person is wasteful and just cloaks for fun every second. I don’t really consider this a viable gating mechanic myself

I could be wrong on that and if so, please correct me but if this is the mechanic then it’s incredibly strong for those that can manage it mechanically. But it’ll but a very input heavy dragon that will not be for everyone.

Honestly if my understanding is correct it is probably a little too strong. Buts others have said I can’t see How you could fairly change it without bricking the dragon. (That’s not me calling for a nerf. Just saying it looks strong).


It usually depends on the base and how skilled the flyer is. In the right hands, Kullecid is very powerful, in the wrong hands, he isn’t as strong. Blood Mist has a casting limit though so if people use up all the casts on one island, it will be completely useless on the next island if it is the kill island or a very powerful island. From experience, I can say that the maximum casts for Blood Mist is about over 30 but no more than around 50 or so(when i flew him against my invader base). But personally, Kullecid has almost the same flying style as Zotz for me.