Sho'Groth for Ressurection

I think Sho’Groth should see a rebirth as this summoner dragon is very powerful in addition to having a top design. Due to the large area summoner attack, this is my first choice even with little frenzy. I hope there will be more advocates. Unfortunately I don’t have all the stones to be able to use it further. -Translated with Google German-English-

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Might be too soon for it to be resurrected over some other candidates. All resurrected dragons were from year 2017 and 2018 so far, but Sho’Groth is from Fall 2019.

Maybe in after a few more seasons.

not shogroth , but kullicid in 1st nerfed state , now his cloak feels like 2 or 1.5 sec instead of 0.5 sec

Mit dem Beschwörer Angriff kann eine ganze 5er Gruppe zerstört werden, beim Aufladen nutzt man den Schild und dann geht’s wieder von vorne los :wink: Im Gegensatz zu anderen Beschwörer ist Sho’Groth aktiv nutzbar.

Gonna hard pass. Sho was a fun dragon. Not a strong or viable one ever.

Also. Resurrection is a terrible idea that broke promises. Just Vance it and make PG actually rework dragons into a new form that is actually viable. Keep the promise and give people something actually decent


:+1: this would be super awesome

He was never powerful and he’ll be even worse in the meta now.
All resurrection dragons are useless so lets stop asking for more of them. All they are is an expensive nostalgia trip.
Instead of asking for more useless content how about we instead ask for new content that is inspired by a dragon from the past. Instead of wanting Shogroth back how about a new dragon that is inspired by him but that has a more relevant spell set.

Also the search function is your friend, there are already topics asking for Sho to be resurrected. Making a new one saying the same thing doesnt really accomplish anything.


Wenn man Großflächigen Schäden ohne Rage erzeugen, kann man ihn sehr wohl als mächtig bezeichnen. Wenn man nur auf die Zauber guckt, ist er wie viele viele viele viele … viele andere nicht mächtig. Aber wenn wir ehrlich sind, gibt es schon Jahre keine guten neuen Zauber.

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