Shog'roth should be the next resurrection dragon

Shog has capped far far too soon! For many players, Shog was the first fully functional Invoker, even with the Invoker rune deficit in the game. He should be resurrected next season to allow those of us that love Invokers, and Shog specifically a chance to continue with him further into the game.

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He was capped like 3 tiers ago lol

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Sho sucks lol. (I mean all res dragons so no difference there). I wish ppl would stop posting threads like these bc it makes pg think that their idea of res dragons is somehow good and what the community wants. Just stop. Please. There was another “Sho should be res-ed” thread a while back and if you want to see ppls arguments go there.


Sho isnt on 2019 spring.
Sakura Kaiji Goda and Haku are the possible choices for next season if PG continues from last 2 season.

Krelos please.hahahaha

No, he shouldnt. Sho was trash when he came out and he’d be way worse now. Resurrection dragons are straight up terrible-very-bad

We don’t need anymore resurrection dragons, E.V.E.R.

Says who? Why would the dragon need to come from spring 2019?



But he did look really cool at least.


My vote remains …


Last few ress came from exactly 3 years ago.So it was predictable.

And before that you had winter 2017 then winter 2017 and then fall 2017. So 3/6 isn’t exactly a confirmed pattern. People asked for Somnus and Axi, both were very popular festives.

Still waiting on the dragon that was voted 3rd in resurrection but has never appeared :eyes:

I am saying the past 2.So the odds gets more likely for a third.

That’s a pretty poorly supported hypothesis then. Certainly not enough to say it cant be anything but something from Springblossom

So where do you think the next one would come from sir?

I dont care where it comes from, it’ll be garbage. Only dragons that would stand a chance would be Krelos, Morak, maybe Kullecid or Gilas

they are semi-garbage but I cannot deny people actually gets them.for whatever reason they actually do.

Have to say I’m not a fan of these dragons it just feels like a waste of a line.

They just don’t have the kit to survive. Base case we need 500% breath damage for warriors, unlimited ammo for hunters and white aoe and dodge for sorcs.

These old dragons are just cat food that have not yet been processed into the tins for general feline consumption.

If PG bought out Krelos each season as the ressurected dragon then it would be the most popular line ever season after season lol.

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They could make it even more popular if they make it half price branch too as it was when it came out lol

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And yet …. They still do keep bringing them back.

I get good dust from that branch so I don’t mind it at all.