Shooting behind the Dragon?

Well if it’s isn’t perplexing. Thoughts?

She is being all fancy apparently. According to Any Hall anyways,

It’s a visual bug.

Look at his blue spells. If he were actually at this point, his blue spells would be unlocked, but it’s not. There are actually instances of this happening where the dragon is on an entirely different island, so this one isn’t too bad.

At least it’s better than the tower shooting backwards bug.

Is it a bug? the charging fire turret always shoot a fire ball to the dragon even when the dragon is already pass the tower

Thanks for that. Makes a bit more sense now. I mean I can late hit, but good lawd, when I saw this I was like wth. Guess the lag is real.

This is for a specific spot, any tower in that spot can still hit the dragon after it passes. Makes taking on high level bases super annoying since you HAVE to disable or destroy the tower in that spot the first time around instead of cloaking over it.

When A Blue Mage Thinks Its Kobe

I was more concerned about the Dragon firing behind it than the towers