Shortest breeding path to Eldrich mythic

Was using Red’'s breeding path but that stopped at Eldrich legendaries. I can’t seem to find a link to a breeding path for Eldrich tier. I read that someone extended Red’s path and read a post on that but all the links seemed to end at the legendary Eldrich. Can anyone give me a link on the shortest path to get a Eldrich Mythic?

You have to go to the abyssal-eldritch tab in red’s spreadsheet. In addition to reds best there are several tabs in that file.


Per this post, the paths did get updated. They will lead you back to Red’s original post where you will need to make a new copy of the sheet .

As said above, there are multiple tabs that have been updated with Eldritch and Verdant.


Why do we need a copy?

Brain fart :see_no_evil: you don’t; the document is view only.