Shortest way to get mythic this season

It will be my frst mythic so need suggession Forrest way to get mythic completed 50%dragon nd basebosst by opening all my chests

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What are you asking? Yes complete both discount lines now if you can and you should be in good shape.

Yes completed both which branch shuld I go nxt

Dang, you have the resources to complete both discounts before events even start? And this is your first mythic? What’ve you been doing? :laughing:

Hold onto your sigils. Find which branch will benefit you the most. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach. My personal recommendation is the tower branch, but if you need a rider or anything, that’s also a good choice.


Oh that’s very personal, it depends on what you need/want… if your goal is simply the mythic it doesn’t matter but I suspect there is something else you can use so you may want to wait a few weeks before you start claiming anything else.

But I will be going tower branch mainly due to timers it has.


Well “shortest” way from where you are now is to compare the cost of each key (there is a spreadsheet available somewhere on these forums) and look at which keys are the cheapest to get.

For example I’m pretty sure the 1st key of each rider branch is cheaper than the 1st key of the other branches. Also the 1st key of the orrery branch is also cheaper iirc.

But if you’re on an active team and you yourself are not slacking in events then you’re on a good road to get a mythic regardless of the branch you choose. Look at what you need most and go for that branch.

Are you going for the 2 Mythics? If yes, since you’re DONE with the discounted branches, then open the rest of the branches available!

If you’re only going for 1 Mythic this season, then you’re on a good start finishing ahead the discounted branches! The rest depends on your choice! Go for the cheapest branch that will be available!

Or, go for the rider/s to MAX OUT the capacity & ability of your Mythic/s! Go for the festive dragon for (more) RSS! Or, if you find AXI cute (I do!), go for him too (for FUN)! Should be enough to unlock 1 Mythic! Good luck! :green_heart:


Fastest way you mean?

:money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


Shortest way is too Mystic is too finish off Base Boast first, then Discount Dragon, then finish off Dragon rider and then finish the 2nd Starter Dragon. Then you’re all good for the Mystic. And you’ll have all the shards to fully upgrade the Rider to expert to place on the Mystic Dragon.

Option 1: Money
Option 2: Apply for a job at PG, get accepted, give yourself the dragons
Option 3: The old fashioned play and earn them
Option 4: Crab People




So if you have completed the discount dragon and the base boost branch, what you want to do next is complete the first half of the egg boost branch. It only costs about 3k sigils to get the first boost which will help you in breeding events.
After that, horde your sigils. Wait until the next dragon branch, rider branch, and tower branch come out and then figure out what you want to get out of those.


Chepest way I’m a free to play player

Even as free to play, best path and cheapest arent the same. Im E2P and do
x2 discounts (12) = 18500+18750, mission boost (1) = 5850, tower line =37000 (6), 1st Orrery (1) = 4700 =84800
You can jump around and save a couple thousand sigils but you sacrifice good prizes )
Most important though is getting those discounts done while half off


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