Should Atlas players be allowed to play in the regular game?

I realize it probably would never happen but dividing the two in seperate games might make things a little more palatable among those that feel they are being discriminated against. Thoughts?




That seems a little bit extreme.

haha people are all allowed to have opinions…even if they make no sense

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Why should people be allowed to have opinions?

I’m going to charitably assume the OP meant dividing leagues into Atlas and non-Atlas pools, in which case that makes a ton of sense to me. (Why give one segment of a competition advantages affecting all areas of play and deny those advantages to another segment that they are forced to compete against? Seems dumb!) The issue was largely mitigated by limiting Atlas access to most of the teams in a few subleagues at a time, now it’s more exposed.

Really, the main argument against it is that all players in WD will get Atlas real soon now.

Lol…point taken. But I still would like to know why you think it makes no sense.

When and if we do get Atlas how inferior will my expert Destar w/rider and gear be compared to yours or other Atlas players in the same tier?

I don’t get what the OP is suggesting…

Your expert destar with rider is far superior to mine seeing as how I do not have it. So…theres that, next question?

For the record I think its both sad and correct that all your hopes lie with Destar lol.


The issue is your solving one “discrimination with another. Ohh I have atlas that means you are excluded from the game you signed up for. I get it. People with atlas have an edge. There are imbalances in the game ( honestly atlas isn’t the biggest of them by a long shot) but you can’t just kick players out of something they have invested time and money on. And believe me if they have atlas they have done at least one.


Good point

Just using that as an illustration…I appreciate your passion for where the game has went.

Red can you please close the thread… Thanks!