Should have been training

PG should have added training event with breeding, this assault should be a major by itself. Also what happened to double food production? No one wants inners and energy in rewards when we need food packs and xp spells or potions.

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  • Open your chests in breeding and get all the crappy stuff you just named

PG already said that depending on what event you entered, the drop table is adjusted to that event.

If you enter breeding, you get breeding drop table
If you enter assault, you get PvP drop table


The training/feeding event was removed with good reason, and the reasons have been explained in great detail.

More than that, the combination of training/feeding and breeding would cause additional problems, which have also been discussed in great detail.

So no, they shouldn’t have.

Really? Why? It doesn’t take that much time unless - like me - you’re obsessive enough to run through the level-6 bases again and again until you get them.

And even then it can be finished much faster than any of the other events, unless you keep replaying levels trying to get the max scores.

That was normal during training/feeding, not during breeding. While they have done occasional one-off boosts - say, increased lumber during fort - there was not one this event.

As Morreion pointed out, most players would far prefer inners and energy packs over food packs, XP boosts, or potions, as all those things can be replaced with a few minutes of grinding.


No thanks, it was hard enough getting enough food to breed multiple dragons this week. We dont need to ruin breeding by destroying the food economy

Again, no. This is something to do to earn extra rewards when you’re done with breeding or in between when you’re not grinding xp

They stated that was a one time thing, same with the wood production. It was to promote people being more active during those last 2 minor events at the end of Spring.

Who is this “we” that you speak of? As Morreion said, speak for yourself. Even when grinding xp and leveling dragons I dont ever want food packs or xp boosts as chest drops.

I got almost 300 inner fires from chests this week and replaced everything I used during Fight Pits. This was so much better than opening anything during breeding and the egg tokens from them saved my time in grinding with rubies.


Then open on breed side its 2 different armorys as he said speak for yourself


Ew. No one wants food packs or xp potions. If you do, you’re doing something wrong.

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What if you’re trying to get a dragon to breedable without flying him a thousand times. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

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Poor guy might not have Atlas. Might be trying to level greens which took way too much XP if I remember.
PG really needs to look at the XP required for some ancient stuff. Gold on down shouldn’t be a chore.


1.5 million xp to get Danzig breedable

4,500 max xp per run

I don’t see any problem there :roll_eyes:


Can get mythic emps to breeding in a few hours easly :smile: screw xp potions



If you didn’t read the past topics, this has been debated heavily and most feel it’s bad and shouldn’t happen. PG’s official decision was to instead remove the event.

Again, why? As it currently works this would be bad. It seems like a good choice for breeding since you often will have plenty of time not doing anything and the event is very optional. It doesn’t really have any team based concepts with it.

I suppose from an energy consumption perspective maybe it could make some sense, but really it will never be worth spending boxes on so I don’t see that being better. Seems to work fine if you just do what you can and don’t get stuck on trying to do bases you cant do. Players in this game are all stuck on maxing everything. Why? Each tier can be done separately and it’s a simple matter of if the energy cost is worth the prize.

Lots of people would disagree with you but you can simply open boxes from breeding event to get those. So you have a choice. And you still get your normal breeding prizes


OP got ripped :joy::joy::woozy_face::woozy_face:


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