Should high level players be in minor leagues?

I said something in another thread and many reacted. I’ll post it back here and I’d like to discuss it.

It would be great if PG would not permit high level players in low level leagues. If those high levels players want to start a team, they should start from scratch - literally. With a new account and such, and when they reach Platinum they could be able to join their main account to the newly formed team. That will stop the abusement that happens now in the low level leagues, where little guys work for high level guys. Not fun at all.

I’ll now explain myself:

  • in all war games I was in, there is a ‘noob zone’ where high level players are not allowed to enter and attack.
  • in a game like War Dragons which is based on teams of 50 people, I think it is important for the new ones to be encouraged to grow and have fun to play, not to be bullied by others only because they can.

Something about myself:

  • I start this game about a year and a half ago and since the beginning, with only 2 weeks of “newbie” in another team, I was member of the same team I am in right now. I started as a trooper and now I am officer. During this time I have seen people of every colors in this game. We had at a time two 200 levels who didn’t stay long - we kicked them out. Why ? Because they didn’t fit. All the wood had to go to them and then the asking for more power and so on. Well, we didn’t want to put aside our team only to have 2 high level players. So, they were gone in less than a week. At the time a level 80 was our higher player who was having an expert Amarok to kill the bases. I had the second one three or four month after I joined the team - yes, I spend some good money in this game. At the time there were not high level players in the gold, bronze leagues. And that was great because everyone was comparable and not many bullies around. And everyone was happy to attack in wars, eager to grow and develop, eager to get higher leagues to get better rewards.
    What happens now, I think it is counterproductive to the new players. Thus, so many topics about what’s fair and what not.
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I don’t like it, at all.

Turnabout is fair play, no one under X level should be allowed in higher leagues.


100% against this [limiting leagues to player levels]. The way to make a “noob zone” is to encourage people to move up, not punish them.


as a high level player, I really don’t want to go up in the ranking as the responsibility will be high the more you advance. I don’t do war dragons every day from monday to sunday so I can’t go beyond gold league. If there’s a war on a certain date that I am offline, then it will be a huge blow to the whole team (even though we can cover it up the next day).

Those who can play the game every day are welcome to the higher leagues even if you are level 60+ or depending on their rules.

Note: I play quite a lot of PC, Mobile and Console games so it’s hard for me to focus on one game.


Oh, and if you want to encourage higher levels to leave the lower leagues, except for the ones that rarely play, then PG should fix the damn league rewards and scale them appropriately!


Yeah, how you encourage the new ones to grow ?

The problem is PG doesn’t want to encourage this. So… we are stuck.

Then blame PG, not the higher levels.


I am saying encourage big guys to move up and leave the low leagues alone.

I just… no. Just no.

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I don’t blame the high levels ! I blame PG for not doing anything about this situation. If it’s called “noob zone” or “higher payouts to higher leagues”, I don’t care. What I say is that if I were to start this game now, I’d quit in less than a month.

How would you feel about a “safe” league where there are no wars, just events and matchmaking where only levels 6-X could play but the rewards were half that of Bronze.


I’d hate it, this is called “war” dragons. People of same level (± 50) would be better suited. To have some challenges to overcome. At least up to Gold 4. Then, free for all ! And yes, scale the prizes. Better them further you go up in the leagues, and not as they are now.

I think your idea of scaling personal event rewards would help with this issue. In a way, that is still “punishing” lower leagues though.

Honestly it sounds like they just don’t want the competition. “It’s not fair,” but wanting to banish the higher levels rather than accepting a “safe” league as you suggested.


Actually, the idea behind reward scaling was to make the lower end closer together than they are now so lower leagues could obtain more prizes (aka better suited for their league average levels). Bigger kids would want more prizes, and would thus want to move up, and those who are sandbagging would realize that staying in lower leagues isn’t an easier way to earn points hammering on smaller kids.


…but “punishing” the higher level players in lower leagues, as they can’t get the same high rewards they do now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for that idea, making it easier for lower level players to get more is a nice touch. I’m just saying, you have a different (better) solution for the same problem the OP presented. I would push that instead of just shutting him down.

Not quite to the level you’re thinking. So the rewards would be the exact same number as we have now in Plat and above if I remember right (I wrote that proposal a long ass time ago). Gold I would be the first league with less prizes than we have now at 5 less until Silver. That’s a pretty insignificant drop in prizes if you consider how many players get the last five prizes anyway.

I am just sick of this presentation and “high level blame” that has been going over the forums left and right. I have been playing for three years and work my ass off for my team and the community. I have also restarted a team before and I cannot even imagine the hell of doing that again if leagues were limited by level. I am just sick of the argument that only looks at one side (just bigs, just littles),.


Push her idea? Where do you think the current league restructure came from? It’s just too damn sad that PG took her idea and only half ass implemented it! That’s the damn problem. Yet you ask them about it…uh we’re working on it…for months!

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Yeah, I kind of proposed, well, the current League Structure that we have in agonizing detail…waiting for the second half to come still.