Should I constantly upgrade things?

I know that upgrading is good, you get stronger defense. Right now I am nearly always upgrading something and I wonder if it would be better if I wasn’t constantly upgrading as that weakens my defense but upgrading makes it stronger so shouldn’t I? What do you guys think?

Constantly upgrade thing is good and bad.
Bad is it will make your base have an empty spot on the layout. make it maybe weaker to defend.
Good is you dont have to wait for just fortification to grow stronger.

But make sure you have the correct layout… it will be very costly to fix it later on

My personal preference is to upgrade all my main island buildings (Storage, builder, incubator, etc.) throughout and maybe have one other building at any one time (so long as it is wood and not any of the other resources). That way I always have something going but I’m not going out of my way to expand fast.

Then when it’s fortification event time, it’s when I do the major upgrades, use my speedups, shards, embers, all that stuff. I typically try and upgrade myself AT LEAST to the next incubator/den cap during fortification events (for example last fort event I went from 77->84 so I could do the next slew of divine level ups as well as some other dragons). Then I’ll usually save as many of those dragon level ups as I can for the feeding event, rinse and repeat.

I always swap out the tower I am upgrading for another tower and place the tower stuck in build-mode on one of the empty islands. Because it’s building and by itself it won’t increase my base length and my base itself will have its full complement of towers (even if one is weaker than it normally would be).


Well, if you build correctly, you shouldn’t have much extra towers to swap. My alt doesnt have any spare towers at all to replace an upgrading building

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I say keep building unless you’re one of the top top bases in your league - as basically any other base can be beaten by another bigger player in war etc so doesn’t really matter that much if you have a missing tower here and there. e.g. like me being level 117 in Plat 2 - there’s no real need to keep my base top notch as any half decent team in Plat 2 will have players able to beat my base even defended.

I’ve been building correctly but I still have a few buildings in storage that while they are not at all as powerful as my first-choice, they are better than an empty hole in my defense. If I find myself capped out either due to builder/storage/level cap I’ll use what’s left of my fortification event upgrading an extra tower or two in my storage so that I have something to swap in and out. It’s not a like for like (I wouldn’t waste shards/embers/etc on a separate turret/flak) but if I have a near cap archer or storm or whatever I can swap in it’s better than a blank spot.

How many towers do you have on your alt? If you don’t mind me asking?

Exact 15 including farms :smiley:


Well done! Even my alt, after learning from this account, has 2 spares in storage… :cry:

On my alt account I have a lvl 1 treb, a lvl 1 ballista (only built for those starting mission things) in storage, plus a lvl 16 archer tower which is only off my base because the builder’s hut is upgrading :joy::joy: (My alt account doesn’t have elite)

Nice! No rage drain Island? Or are you set up on short and home island? Can’t wait to make an alt haha

about time someone said this.

You don’t need to have an empty spot on your defense if you have fog/trees cleared to use as a spot to upgrade it, of course this means you also have a tower or 10 in storage like me that were a waste of xp and can fill in the gap.

Dont think a low level needs a rage island lol. Most of players hitting my alt’s base need 2-3 dragons to fly thru

There is also the question of where you want to be in terms of dragon power for your current level.

I’ve stopped building with my main account right now so I can stay on track for the Rulith Suggested/Intense column. I’m currently lvl 153 and need to get Hau to expert, hatch my first garnet and get it to lvl 12, and hatch at least 1 or 2 more garnet dragons before I get to lvl 158.

That’s the hardcore column haha! The rulith mandatory column allows you to get 170 after garnet :slight_smile:

Oh you’re right bc they have like 2-3 rage and mages don’t steal rage just yet. Very cool!

I want to try to stay in the hardcore colum :joy::joy:

Hardcore parkour!