Should I get the spring season 2018 mythic?

This will be my first mythic in this game. Is he any good and powerfull.
I got the problem with that 3 rage spell.
Please anyone give me some clarity about it.
Thanks in advance.

Yeah! Get it!

Or wait til next season and get the half off discount dragon that will be just as powerful!


It all depends on what level you are. If you are nowhere near lvl 333 you won’t able to expert a mythic and it might be worth getting the discounted hunter instead. Also… it’s a sorcerer

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Mythic Harb needs player level 357, level 333 is for expert Legendary Harb.


XD here i was excited to go for mythic with my lvl 52 :frowning: should wait couple years

you play at your own comfort zone not neccesary must be harbinger tier then only you can enjoy this game. At your level Amarok should be your aim not Corthanak.
or else get the Nolliag up to plat. stone is enough.


If he gets the mythic he would probably go up by a lot in level…

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The problem is until a player in let’s say green dragons can max this dragon he won’t be of any use anymore bc let’s say it takes you 3 years to get to lv 357 you will then have 6-10 new dragon tiers and towers will be lv 120. This poor fellow is balanced for 65s as all mythics. Just makes sense for ppl who realistically max him before we see another tier of dragons.

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So is it a better deal if I get the token boost, discounted hunter and the discounted rider this event?
I’m only level 71 btw, still haven’t maxed my towers to my level. Nor my dragons.


Yes definitely.

You will meet many good dragons in the next seasons no need to waste money on this one if you can’t utilize his full potential


I’m level 73 and I’m generally assuming none of the divines I get now will ever become endgame-relevant. Basically I try to get at least Sapphire on the dragons I like, that will keep them relevant for another 4 or 5 seasons for me, by which time there will be loads more.

I got the Emerald stone for Avyx last time mostly because i wanted the mythic rune, and once you have that the pile of gold chests you get for pushing on to emerald with super sigil chests means you’re pretty much getting the stones for free (compared to buying the gold chests for rubies directly). So it can be worth to run the numbers on that at season’s end.


Awesome, I’ve got the boost for now so that I can save up for breeding for my legendaries. I’ll just finish Aibrean’s line and go on for the discount hunter’s first page. :slight_smile:

I did the same last season. Got till the gold stones for Avyx, Equestor, and Leos because I knew I wouldn’t be able to max them beyond that level before the next divines are introduced.

I don’t recommend getting multiple dragons that you can’t finish. It’s usually better to get as far as you can with one dragon and not start another one until you finish that first dragon. (Riders are a different story. It’s worth it to get the first page of a rider without his armor because he can still be used on any dragon and you can potentially get armor later.)
I learned the hard way that if you only get a few stones for a dragon you will be really disappointed when you run out of stones in a couple of months on a dragon that you really love. That’s why we keep seeing people post on the forum all the time asking for a “universal stone” so they can evolve old divines they never finished. It’s so painful to have to retire a good dragon. lol
It seems now that it will take you forever to get to platinum or sapphire, but you will get there before you know it. Just because a new tier of divines will be coming out, it doesn’t mean your old divines are not useful. I still use some divines that I earned over a year ago and I love them. I am sad now that they are retiring because PG didn’t make stones any higher for some of them…


Very true, I go on my alt always for one dragon and a rider. These dragons will be relevant till you outgrew them which takes a while for emerald, obsidians and harbingers (till you get there in terms of levels and lineage dragons).

Having multiple dragons pre garnet will make them irrelevant once you have you first garnet.

With the one dragon and one rider approach they will stay with you for another year. Maybe two.

So choose wisely. And yes the discounted hunter is good so no problem to just get him and start afterwards the discounted rider.

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My level is 208 halfway thourgh garnet and next season will be starting a the emerald. Please now can u tell should I get the mythic r not?

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I saw ur all videos on YouTube. Really like them.

If you are early on and think you CAN get a mythic, best to go for the mythic rider. Will obviously cost more sigils since the hunter is discounted for two weeks, but the mythic rider will be valuable to you forever, not just intil they release new dragon tiers.


I agree with Joe. Get the mythic Sorc only if you really like the spells and are in love with the dragon, not because you feel like it’s a chance to get a super-powerful mythic.
If you want to be practical, the best option is to go for the “mythic” rider who will be released on week 6. You’ll have to complete the legendary hunter and sorcerer (who have not been released yet) to get him, but you’ll get a ton of goodies along the way that will boost your level and get you that much further in your progression.
Though we don’t have details on the mythic rider yet, riders can be used forever, don’t expire with stones (unless PG pulls something bad on us!) and can be used on any dragon if you switch up their armor. So even though he may not seem that exciting right now, he could really make a difference by effectively turning your favorite dragon into a mythic at some point… :wink:

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I agree with you. But wat ever rubies chests I have used on discount dragon.
Now I can’t start that rider.
I will be getting the discount rider first page.