Should I get the spring season 2018 mythic?


Thank you for the proper response in a logical way both of u​:+1:t2::+1:t2::pray:t2:


If you have the dough, why not.


How fast do you plan to grow? That’d be the first question id ask you.

And thank you.


Thanks very much for that information Jenny, have been looking for this sort of answer for months. The divine dragons I have now are useless if you can’t evolve with green stones Sad really because there are a lot of good divines that have so much to give and can’t.


I have to disagree. Even if a player in green tier would get a mythic, that mythic would be really OP for his level and he could surely hit way upwards his own level.
It doesn’t matter to a green tier player if the top game has lvl65 or lvl120 towers because he will not fly against those tower levels anytime soon.

It’s all about the dragon spellset that determines if the dragon is worthwhile.
What would make the dragon less worthwhile is when PG decides to introduce a new flak that is more powerful than the dark flak, or a white mage that blocks his white spells.

Anything else scales per level and the dragon will grow with him.


It’s cool that you want to disagree. However, a new player will get exactly these type of dragons you describe through his journey up. There is really no need to pay (no chance for a gold or platinum league player to get it through event prizes) for something when you get better lineage dragons (if flown right) for free.

Someone on endgame doesn’t have this luxury and either the lineage dragons are good enough or you need fresh meat aka event mythics.

But even then once 65s are out this dragon has no business anymore.

Just my 2 cents


I agree that most lineage dragons and regular season dragons do the job just as fine.

I just can’t agree with saying a mythic has no value if not at max tier :wink:


wait for tests of this mythic. if his pripary spell will be “one shotter”, as predicted, take it, bcz this drag will drag you all the time till harbringer tier(loong loong time for you). it will be highly useful in all pvp battles. it doesnt matter if its sorc. white AOE nearly one shotting 5 towers leaving them inactive for 2 secons is a huge power itself and especially when its supported by no rage white sacrifice. you’ll need all his tree runes and fire rider to be that powerful.
only spells or spell sets are important for decision to take or not no take. if you see imba dragon you should take it with all three runes and utilize it havily till its tier limit.
in case of this mythic we all can get absolutely comfort gameplay for years if its spell will be that powerful as mentioned above.

PS any mythic has all his value since lvl 1 if his spell set is imba. as well as legendary drag. Kinarus is nothing in obsidian tier, but its extremely useful since lvl 1 till emerald. Its imba for his tier range. And this is not ussual situation. The most of divine dragons are not worth Kinarus in terms of usefullness. The most of them are not worth taking at all…i’d say.
So be patient and wait for tests. Now, you could take 50% hunter for cheap resources. Than wait.


I agree that most lineage dragons and regular season dragons do the job just as fine.

  • WOW! Not at all. Gimme an example of linage alt for Borgian, Necrix, Kinarus, Spindra, Neptus? For lvl range 1-50. Of the same effectiveness in wars, for example.

I just agree with saying a mythic has no value if not at max tier :wink:

  • Wrong. Only spell set determines how usefull a dragon is.


My alt is 61 but I’m sure her ettin would be fairly effective in wars (if I had bothered to keep training it past breedable). Lineage dragons below the green tier legendaries (aside from amarok) just aren’t that great in my opinion, and these poor dragons are having to face towers that weren’t even created yet when they were initially designed.

Edit: It would certainly help if my alt were on a team that’s more relevant for her level instead of in a platinum league team with my main :laughing:


Think I have tested him…


I’m hoping he meant to reply to someone else and tagged you by mistake lol.


yes, i tried to reply to the original question. after reading all the comments.


Give me an example where it matters what you do in level range 1-50 in a war :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry, no offense, but wars at that level is about showing up. The dragon is inconsequential


yep. have checked your video. as predicted its one shotting even buffed top towers. AOE damage is just ovecomming any max tower hp available(9M as a base from dragon hp + runes + rider). So, you’ll be effective vs 65 towers as well.
This mythic is actual for any lvl. Having this, you’ll have nice hunter and the best warrior available. What else you need? I think…even Noctua wont be used during obsidian phase with this mythic sorc.
So…its like buy and forget about new dragons till you’re capped.


That’s an assumption based on what? Because I’m Platinum and last season I got two dragons at full price + kayla and I’m “only” elite, no packs or other expenses, so it’s not impossible :wink:


There are ppl who save gold chests and rubies for months for a mythic and get it for free.

There are non sleeping hardcore gamers who saved a bit and grind their way up to a mythic. Everyone of those I spoken to said “NEVER AGAIN”.

Don’t get me wrong you can be in d1 and won’t get the mythic. You need either hoard and grind or :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:.

I mean it’s up to everyone and I know there are HORRIBLE lv 200-300 bases out there so this dragon can make you feel special :joy:but Neptus was the better investment.

Proof? Watch Tony’s video of the mythic sorcerer at EXPERT.


That makes it even worse for OP and myself or everyone who’s not close to those levels. Thanks for the correction


I understand and mostly agree with ppl who say this but…

It can still be a very good dragon for him while he’s growing! I say if you want it & like the dragon & spell set get it!

Idk what tier your in? Probably gold or close? Atleast you will have this dragon while you grow you’ll have this dragon along the way as you reach into Plat, Sapphire and beyond…

This kind of thinking means no one outside of late Osbedian or Harbinger should ever get a mythic?
Because if just starting in Osb you have all that and then into Harbinger and chances are a new tier will be coming soon then anyway…You don’t have to be at or close to the end game to enjoy a Mythic Seasonal dragon…

Idk IMO I think if you like the dragon even if your only in sapphire you can have that dragon while in Saph, Garnet, etc and obviously you’d want to work on other ones as you go or even before Sapphire.

Any dragon he gets at this point he’s not going to reach the full potential of any of them.


Lolz… uhh… Tony has maxed Corthanak loooong ago :joy::joy::joy: