Should I or not?

What is the best use for rubies?
Super Sigils or ???

Had started Avyx and completed Equestor and Kayla shards only cause the gear is too ex…

What is your level? And what is your target this season and next season?
How far are you on breeding?
And how much do you like Avyx? ( honestly, its best non-mythic dragon this season but you should like it to go forward with it)

Finally, how many rubies do you have? This will give us fair idea to guide you as accurately as possible.

String them into a necklace and give it to your girlfriend/wife.

Short of that, I’ve been using mine to expedite (rush) egg token missions since I got the egg token boost.

Lvl 104. Target… complete a good sorcerer (equestor) and a good hunter (avyx?). Screw Neptus I don’t have the money for that hahahaha. Breeding going to plat once next breeding (should be soon).

Avyx (freaking love it).

Rubies (122k) safe from last season because my stupid ass think skipping gargoyle is a smart thing but nope regretting now. Hahahahaha FML

Single hahaha here comes valentine day (CHOCOLATE FOR LIFE) hahaha
Yeah egg token was part of my choice but was wondering if I should spend on this season drag or not because kind of need a good hunter … fml decisions making aren’t my specialty

I think super sigil would be a good investment then.

Avyx is crazy strong.

120k rubies will get you around 25k sigils if you open super sigil chests, 10 chests everytime. If you do spend, in your situation i would recommend getting Neptus as i heard its freaking awesome from many players i know.

Opening gold chests for all those will give you about 6k-8k sigils.

If you speedup missions and get breeding tokens with elite account and token bonus ( either seasonal or during breeding), you get 20k egg tokens per 8k rubies.

If you consistently reach 425-450 sigil target mark in every event, you would have about 6k more sigils and additional 18k rubies by the end of season. That would mean if you open super sigils using all the rubies at the end of season, you will have got 36k-38k more sigils.
Avyx till obsidian costs 25k sigils. so you can use 9k sigils for gladicus.
You would be short by 16k for completing gladicus and another 3k for netpus. Meanwhile you also get 91 gold chests from avyx line. That would be approx another 2k sigils.
So you would have to spend some money for 15k sigils if you want to target neptus.
If you are further down the line or saved up more gold chests, it would be even better.

I think you are closest to mythic now, so that was my analysis.

If you don’t want mythic, get avyx and save remaining rubies and plan for next mythic hunter next fall. If you save 200k rubies by the start of that season, it would be easy grab with good activity.

not really bad to skip on gargula, but if you have necryx, better be happy to have gotten best half price drag. It was better than Moonfang :joy:

PS: This is very harsh estimate. You may get more sigils but these numbers are worst case/ sure shot if super sigils are released and cost 5k rubies for 10 chests.


Yeah… next season need a rider on him made too much mistakes in this game at the start. And join too late that I miss my favourite borgian :frowning: but avyx is going to be my best bet if super sigils is near even

Oh yeah i do have necryx even his stones but … them decisions for avyx because its good!
Neptus haha I don’t really spend money I just use google gift card since it is a lucky draw I won in the past so getting neptus is IMPOSSIBLE but I have to say neptus is really cool looking. Next season is spring I would get a warrior since I do need one as I have none for divines. Next fall I would be so busy serving my country I doubt I have the time for the mythic :frowning:

Thank you for the advise tho :slight_smile:

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It depends on your goal.

Yesterday, I dropped 40k rubies to open 100 gold chests to get pvp items, egg tokens and timers.

If you just want egg tokens, speed up egg token missions (not worth the time it takes for me to be bothered, but some people are OK grinding out egg missions)

If you need/want to finish a season line or get to the next stone, super sigil chests are the best.

OR - you could save the rubies for the first week of next season to go for the egg token boost on day 1.

What I deem is the best way to use my rubies is not the best for everyone. We all have different goals.

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Yeah I agree on the different goals and saving some rubies for the next season egg token. And thank you for your comment. Just want to know the best way of spending the rubies efficiently. :slight_smile: Thank you for the advise

I got to Equestor’s platinum stone which was in my range, sapphire was out of my range. And got the first part of Kayla’s branch, and I’m starting Avyx. I’n also a level 57, so how far do you guys think that i will get on Avyx’s branch?

There are a lot of factors to consider. What’s the highest sigil prize you typically hit? How many sigils does your team typically earn in the team prizes? How many rubies do you have saved up for super sigil chests? Will you be opening the gold chests you get in Avyx’s line this season, or saving them for next?

Until those questions are answered, it is really hard to say.

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Calculate it yourself

honestly to me next season finish 1 dragon all the way to obsidian. As you need a dragon to have the ability to back others especially tough bases, divine dragon is a bonus.

For now try to get Avyx to Garnet. The least you should get it is garnet because that way after the Garnet wall there are other dragons you can use to help in base runs. But next season do get 1 dragon to obsidian :slight_smile:

Next season is possibly to Harb

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