Should I pick fire shards over gold chests? 🤔

I need fire shards. Does this mean it’s better to pick the shards since I won’t be able to get them with 40 chests? Thanks for your guidance :slight_smile:

  1. hell no, always choose gold chests
  2. No one should ever need fire shards anymore. There are better towers to use. Transform that fire turret into something more useful or use it as merging material

If you need one, better to open some chests during fort event. Plus extra sigils to help, embers, etc.

  1. I have to agree. Gold chests pretty much over anything else in game for the long run.
  2. Ummm, well. I almost agree. I still have 1 fire turret as a current E2P. It is level 95 but has been ignored for a few Forts. I think Sam is full F2P. So transform it into what? A flak she can’t afford?The answer to this one might be more complex.

I was wondering to ask what’s better for the extra key exchange thing ?
2 platinum chest or 6 gold chests ? Or 3500 embers ? (Per key)

I am not sure what’s best, I am tempted to collect embers for my 10 keys (on my alt).

As you said, it’s complex but I turned mine into a lightning tower and find it way more useful. My ice I used as merging material for a flak

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I’m a regular elite player but don’t spend otherwise. Everything is grinding and saving so you’re correct that I can’t afford to maintain a new flak. :slight_smile:

I have three lightning towers already. This is my base … the fire turret turret will be 6th in line to be maxed to unlock the builder hut.

I’ll get the chests then … your advice has always been sound. :hugs:

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2 level 26s and 1 level 35 arent really having lightning towers though. You’d probably be better to merge those 26s into your 35 and maybe also your storms.

Either way, my fire turret is still more useful than my lightning tower. Does merging increase the xp required to get to the next level?

Merging reduces the value of salvaged towers by 5%, capped by total xp of salvaged towers (thus it usually increases the xp requirements)

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Yes, but it depends on the combo of towers used. If you use the right ones then you could end up with only a tiny bit of additional xp needed

That’s because your fire turret is lv 65 and your lightnings are much lower. With most dragons now having some form of dodge or cloak, fire turrets arent very good. They’re slow and easy to avoid. Lightnings have a long rage and bypass dodges. Up to you but I dont see much reason anymore in bothering with a fire turret, especially if you would need to get fire shards to level it.


I feel your pain, my alt has an ice turret and a fire turret, just waiting to be transformed to lightning towers when I move mid long.


I agree.


I’ll consider letting the fire turret stay at 65 for good then … don’t wanna do anything that increases my xp requirement.

Have one Fire Turret, and two Ice ones on my base (though may merge the Ice ones together if we are allowed another Howie), I find them helpful in my middle long, guess depends on your base layout, along with what other Towers you have with them. But do agree that should always chose Gold chests, as your liable to get more needed resources from them, and opening during Fortification yields building materials if are in need of them. Ultimately, is up to you how you lay your base out, defending teammates could give you ideas on this too, and allows you to see what is effective or not :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you merge it into a wood/ice shard requiring tower you will have a tiny xp deficit which will be gone by upgrading one of your towers by 1 lvl.

Check this out:

Thanks for the info, that’s a neat tool. :heart_eyes:

I input the info to merge the turret into the lightning tower. Do know the meaning or calculation of the last two lines? It’s confusing

“Value lost from 5% tax”: Basically the time (in days) it took to level the fire turret to lvl 65 (1116 days) is what you sacrifice. 5% of that time is lost (1019days remain). Those 1019days are added to the lvl 30 lightning tower which results in a lvl 68 lightning tower.

“Value lost from rounding/xp cap”… no clue tbh.

My guess is its from the loss of “value” from “turning fire shards into wood”, because if you merge wood to wood with the same levels the “value lost from rounding/xp cap” is barely anything. I dont see what else goes into the equation.

But @Morreion could possibly help us here, she made that merge-tool :smiley:

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Not best to merge shards into Wood Towers, as the XP deficit hole is higher then if went the reverse way, or was merging the Turret into a Flak. Same material merges result in higher XP hole. Do use this tool myself, and did ask this same question as was confused by it too, lol, would go to his forum post to check it out, or ask questions about the tool :blush:

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