Should I save my rubies

I started saving rubies since the Halloween 2017 season. I don’t spend money on the game. My strategy was to save up enough rubies to buy enough sigil chests to get all the dragons necessary to get the mythic 3v3nt dragon

I’m doing the same far I have 135k and I’m only using it for egg missions

All depends on your strategy and breeding path location. I’m struggling in garnet tier so once in every season apart from speeding missions every while, I open a few lots of gold’s which is helping me a lot. But for me main goal is tier uncap

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Whats your lvl?

I’m doing the same. In the latest season they put sigil chest in the latest 2 week right? Theoretically next event should have the sigils… Do we know if they will maintain that this season?

With the amount of players relying on it I sure hope they do :joy:


Who me?

I’m level 70 at the moment

I hope so

I’m just hoping to be able to get all 3 legendary dragons so I can get the mythic dragon. I figure the only way I’ll have enough is to save enough rubies to buy lots of sigil chests.

Wow just wow

That’s a legit strategy. Don’t forget this season you just need 2 legendary dragons for the mythic, aibrean and nolaig. I thought about doing the same before breeding sapphire and garnets :joy:

But if you are level 70 I believe you won’t be able to unlock all spells until 84. Also keep in mind which mythic you want to invest those rubies. Corthanak is said to be a good dragon, but generally hunters are better as it was neptus last season. Just some thoughts

I suggest saving it for the fall season to get the mythic hunter. Or summer if you are good in warrior (provided the skills are great). It is purely base on what class of dragon you are good in flying :smile:

Be careful not to save too much or you might just tick the AI which autobans accounts for having too much rubies lol just sayin :man_shrugging:

Did you meant spells instead of skills?


Saving rubies over the course of seasons will not trigger the system to ban you. That’s not what happened in the other thread.

Performing a certain action which results in a highly unlikely event will result in an audit and if confirmed, a likely ban.

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