Should I write a story based on this game?

Should I write a story? I’ll share the end product if anyone notices me. I’m thinking about writing about the lore surrounding Kharnyx and how she rose to power OR how the player and Gustav developed their rivallary.
Also maybe how some of the dragons from each faction game to power. I mean I could make it up. I’m not sure there is a set answer to most of my ideas.

I’d love to hear if I should write about it or not. Lore fascinates me and writing really helps me enter a different world so… I’d like to I just don’t know if it would be appreciated.

If you do, make sure there are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and poor syntax. You know, to reflect the poor programming of the game.

JK PG! Love you guys.

I’d read a story like this. I don’t what happened to the little mini series we would get each season, but I liked those back stories.

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When they had the holiday creative contest, I wrote a story on how Aurora met the dragon she has perched on her shoulders. I know other people have written things based on the game.

go for it. how can it hurt

Do things for your own enjoyment, not attention.


Day late. Dollar short.


I need ideas not attention :expressionless:

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