Should Kingdom Wars be removed?

Started this poll just to see thoughts considering what’s recently been going on concerning KW.

  • Keep Kingdom Wars and revert it back to it’s previous state.

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  • Remove Kingdom Wars entirely from the game.

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until pg adds a major event that gives us a chance at mythic ammo rune from silver chests, i don’t want kw to be completely removed just yet.


Well…neither I would hope that they are able to fix the new version of KW by the next time it comes up for pvp. Personally I can’t stand the idea of going back to old KW but no one really had a good since of what the new KW was gonna be like…couldn’t really test it out

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why is it two separate polls?


First time making one, wasn’t sure how to do it

Give a third option:”oh i love the new kingdom war, finally a valid reason to quit”


Could we get a better conquer a map event. Like a better KW that’s not KW?


KW was the only event that requires some strategy. Every other event you can get a monkey to do it for you. I say Boooooo

  1. revert to old KW
  2. implement changes that were actually asked for to improve gameplay
    (such as ability to move capital, i.e., make it a mobile HQ)

We cant judge this new event yet even if this start was catastrophic. if they can fix it and play it at least 2 times we can evaluate it

I think this can be a good one if they made it a hybrid of PvE and PvP like temple Raid


we really can judge: What an absolute cluster fudge


You should add “Keep Kingdom Wars and give it a try to try the new version.”

I would vote for it. I think the idea was good, we just had some troubles to play this event correctly at the beggining.


Our team liked the old kingdom wars. For the same reason, it required strategy

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I think that Kingdom Wars should be removed until the bug is fixed and all players should be able to compete/participate. Until then it shouldn’t remain a valid event.

It’s called Atlas. It’s so much bett…wait nvm.


:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :+1:t2:

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Kingdom war old I hope it will never be restored. the new version, although I saw little because it was broken, I liked it as an idea, so I hope they will fix it soon to let us try it without problems


Haha all 87 voters (including me) till now vote against kw in its entirety. Modifications and all.

What great events are there if KW is removed from major event list?
I like PvP events. So create a new one thats fun!!!
Someone has suggestions?

why like that