Should saved chests be opened early?

Like many people, I save my gold chests throughout the season and open them during the beginning of the new season.

No one knows for sure what events are coming, but there is a lot of speculation that we might face a nightmare scenario for chest opening at the start of next season.

Next season has a significant risk of opening with Feeding, followed by Breeding then King of the Hill. Or maybe those same events in a different order. The order doesn’t really matter. What matters is that all three of those events are bad for opening chests.

Im afraid of losing dozens of chests to useless “legendary” food packs with less food than can be gained from a single raid, useless “epic” XP potions with less XP than can be gained from a single XP run, and wooden barricades which will be use them or lose them.

Is anyone else considering opening their saved chests early to guard against this threat?

Think your guess on events for start is pretty accurate except perhaps a different pvp one.

Agree that feeding isnt great for chests, I’d probably open mine during breed.

Reason: breed gives as many timers as fort, but many more egg tokens. No pvp things though.

I’m not sure what time you have in mind for “opening early”?

Id guess that feed would start the season, but the chests will only be openable when the event has started? Sorry trying to understand when you are thinking of opening?


Unless you want more Winter sigils, I wouldn’t recommend it.

You’ll probably do ok getting the token boost with your indy reward, team reward and maybe a few chests. I’m sitting on bronze/gold/rubies

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This is how we manage chests in our team:
Breeding, Fortification and between events: collect all chests - bronze, silver, gold.

War events, preparation and event itself: open all bronze (by 10 at a time, always, as for other chests). Gold chests are opened only during such events, to get inner fire, energy, and other things that are available only during such events. Open as much as you need to have good prizes in events.

No need to open gold during breeding / fortification / feeding - you will get normal amount of tokens from gold, open during war events, and likely will not want food / lumber packs.

Silver chests: during war events, the silver chests are replaced by runic, and by sigil at the end of season. Open silver chests before war event starts, so you will see bonus chest. Don’t touch it now. When the war event starts, and silver chests will be replaced, you will get one free legendary runic or super sigil chest.


I still need timers, embers, ice shards, black pearls, and winter sigils. So for me it makes a lot of sense to open them next week if it’s really fort.

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All that stuff is dropped during war events as well. During fort you will just get lumber packs in addition. As for embers and frags - just open seasonal branch of dragon till the end, and you will have enough resources.

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Hmmm. I dont think that is necessarily true for everyone but seems like a fair strategy - glad its working for you.

Ive historically opened all chests during breed simply for 3 reasons

  1. highest breeding token and mythic fragment drop
  2. shared highest timer drop
  3. low pearl drop

It has the added benefit of food packs , which isnt a benefit to small players, but its definitely useful at my lvl/league. When 20+ players are each looking for 4mil or more food a day it has its uses.

Xp pots are also useful when doing multiple breeds during one event (eg i recall doing 5 dragons from hatch to breed in 1 event cycle, in serie)

Not saying its a bad idea to open in pvp events, just one person’s junk is anothera treasure. Generally pvp events are a bore/grindfest and in my league completely pointless since the top 2 teams have more points than the other 23 combined due to mega coins

I frequently score 0 points in pvp events, the current one being a prime example.


Love chest contents in feeding event. Personally best season opening event haha

It really sucks how the gold chest drops for feeding are bad because the bonus dragon is out there…discount!! The second event is either breeding or PvP.
Personally, I’ve had better experience with gold chests during PvP. I have gotten more timers and mystic fragments than any other event during Fight Pits. CTF and KOTH are the worst events to open chests from my experience. Breeding is ok and fort has so many black pearls but only place where elemental embers drop.

For Bronze chests, Fight Pits or CTF are the best because of inner fires. Not for those who have 7000 of them…more for the F2P players. Breeding and Fort are not bad options for bronze chests either.

I’m not a patient person so I’m gonna open my golds during this fort

What is your reason for opening the chests early?

Unfortunately I don’t really have a choice. I want to get the double token boost. So I will be opening chests at the beginning of next season regardless of which crappy event they throw at us. PG really has us over a barrel there. lol

If you mean early as in before the season starts, that seems like a waste. You will get sigils that you cannot use.

If you do not care about sigils, and just want the items, ToW is probably not a good event. It’s one of the few PVP events that also has shards, which dilute the other legendary drops.

Breeding is generally a good event to open for both sigils and tokens (and mystic fragments). It also has good speedup drops. Sigils tend to be very good for Fortification events as well (timers and lumber too, but the rest is junk).

Team Gauntlet tends to be the, imo, best pvp event in which to open chests as an “all around” benefit. Has legendary tokens (at a lower percentage than breeding), has mystic fragments, sigils drop well (not quite as good as breeding or fortification), and almost no drops I personally consider junk.

@JennyD Waiting one or two weeks to get double tokens so you can open during a better event is not going to make or break your season–Unless you were planning to grind hundreds of missions in the first week. :man_shrugging:


Definitely makes sense to use gold chests while there is some discount (if you go for it). I also open mainly in PVP as I get enough eggs there plus no packs (food/ sticks) which I can raid for my lvl. If you don’t buy stuff you need to get energy packs and inner fires from gold chests.

Yeah this is a serious issue which I think PG is going to screw us over on. It would be nice if they’d at least tell us if the first pvp is going to be KotH or not. A simple yes or no is all we need from them.

Im considering if I at least want to open some to get the token bonus. Id love to be able to open them in time to still get the discount on the discount dragon but I also am not wasting all my stock on barricades or food packs

I must be missing something here … you’ll open your chests on the first day for the spring season, right? The first day should be on Wednesday and announces the event on Monday. What is the problem with finding out on Monday? :eyes:

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I said finding out the first pvp, not the first event. We all know Spring is most likely starting with Feeding which is itself a terrible event to open chests on. That leaves the 2nd event which if it’s KotH is the worst possible event to open gold chests during

If feeding is the first event, then statistically, breeding would be the next event.

Hey everyone, I was wondering if the seasons go back to back, since everyone is already talking about spring season. I’m new so I don’t know

Yes new season starts on March 8th.

Okay thanks