Should the mega coin be a 2 tiered reward systems

I have been reading the forums and have seen much hate for this pay to win system of the MC.

To make the MC more fair why not have a 2 tier system say a X15 for the team and a X30 for personal points. This would mean that a team could not run of with a win in a pvp event but their personal gain would be profitable to use a MC.

Was wondering what you all think?

Being as the MC is X30 for the team and personal points, and am saying cut it in half for team points, and keep it as x30 for personal points how is that causing a gap?

Oh right sorry misread the post. The MC is fine as is though i think, but changes could be made (minor).

So what minor changes would you suggest?

Mega coins are a massive issue at the moment. The only viable strategy at high ranks is multiple mega quits which involve starting a mega attack and immediately ending the run. Do this with enough people and any times encounters are won in less than 30 seconds.

They also remove a lot of people’s ability to farm points in certain pvps as the pvps barely last one flight

Honestly I’m not sure they have a place in the game. I get their function as a time saver. The issue is for them to justify their existence they need to provide a decent number of team and personal points. Remove or reduce the team element and you encourage people to play for themselves, not their team. Make the team element strong and they become the only viable strategy in some events. I honestly don’t know how to balance this in a healthy way outside of removing them

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