Should there be more categories?


Maybe I missed something. But is there really only one catagory


My guess is that, because PGDave had to take matters into his own hands and likely has a ton of other stuff to do, that PG just wanted to get something up for the community while they work on the rest. I imagine other categories will import or be added gradually.


Morphicus is basically right. There is a second category for Atlas/beta users, as well as a “Lounge” which opens up automatically for users who have made a fair number of good posts (“trusted” users in the lingo of the new forums). Discourse (the forums software we’re using now) kind of encourages this category-less approach, so I decided to try it out … but it’s trivial to create more categories at any time based on what you all think would be helpful for grouping discussion.

We’ll definitely make lots of tweaks in the coming days/weeks … just getting started!


Just being able to click links to go to a post, sooo much better :slight_smile:


PGJared is going to help set up some additional categories later today so we can be organized. They’ll probably be along the lines of our previous forums’ categories so you’ll feel right at home!


I’m a beta user and my access to the beta group has been revoked @pgdave please can I be added back to this group


Can you please add me to Beta sub-forum too please? Im from 1stNightFury and we have Beta access :smiley:


You’re already in it @DarkHabsFan and @xxK1TTYxx – it’s the “Atlas” category :slight_smile: … one cool thing about these new forums is we’re able to automatically grant access to the subforum/category when a player comes to the forum after joining beta! No manual work required.


We now have some more categories. We may change this up in the next few days as we fine-tune things.


Thank i was mainly looking for the recruitment catagory. But I see we have some new ones now so I will check them out


I think recruitment and wars should not be together. Wars and events together made more sense previously


I have an alt on a beta team, do I have to make a forum login for that account too to have access to the Atlas/beta section? Or can I get flagged for access on this one? I’d like to keep it simple and only have one login if possible.


Thanks for all your hard work everyone, and I know you’ve got a lot more ahead, but it’s looking and behaving great.


A bugs category would be good to separate it from other discussion. Great start :slight_smile:


The previous bugs category was vastly underutilized as most people posted bugs directly to General. I tend to be of the belief that players will continue to do the same, so we’re going to try solving this via tagging as opposed to a category.

Need a bug report section
Why do we not have a system bugs forum?

The only one I’m tripping on as I move around is the Recruitment and Wars category, since those are so different. What about Wars and… Wars? LOL sorry. My brain is being belligerent.


I’d like to see:

  • Questions
  • Suggestions
  • Bug reporting


What would go into questions?


Your post :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


Honestly, I would have players put most newer questions Into this forum. From “what dragon should I get” to “what runes to use” to “how do I do this” so that way the player base can answer it.