Should timers be spent on incubation?

As title says. Is it worth to use speed ups for instant dragon hatching, or do you wait those 30 days+ and keep timers for fort?


Short answer is Yes, as necessary. The higher you go, the greater the percentage of your timers that will need to be dedicated to incubation.

For example, I have a sapphire egg on the incubator right now. Natural hatch is 21 days for me. I need it for next breeding (not this current one just starting) which is about 28 days away. 7 days is not enough to train to breeding level, so I will spend 7 days of speed ups to hatch it a week early and have 14 days to train.


:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: What fyre said. It also depends on your breeding plans and if you need to hatch and level that dragon immediately. :t_rex:

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I’m laughing because I will be power leveling A&A to breeding level during this event so I can start on my first emerald, which I will finish next event. 7 days is plenty long enough if you have xp potions and are a bit insane.


How many runs is that going to take you?!? :cold_sweat: :t_rex:

Won’t take long. 3-4 days max with minimal grinding. It’s pretty easy as both Liz and I are levelled in a balanced way ie we’re not low level with max dragons, and neither are we high level with bad dragons.

Balance balance balance!


Cool, cool. I only have about 340 heal potions and unfortunately I under-leveled, so that stuff sounds way outta this world to me lol. Good luck to both of you :grin: :t_rex:

Liz is one breed ahead of me :triumph:

I’ll catch you @LizDrakemoor!


I thought it is not worth levelling without daily multipliers? Or did I miss anything o:

Multipliers just make it faster. Every time you run your dragon it gets xp. So run it whenever you can.


I run my dragons (Rizar right now because he needs to get to level 12 and also he’s fun as heck to fly) whenever they’re healed. Sometimes grinding even without multipliers is needed :t_rex:

I bred pyro and made him breedable in a day :eyes:
200% boost are really nice


I wonder how fast a F2P can powerlevel both Kulan and Jagra…

I’ve never power leveled … there’s a line that I just won’t cross. Sleep and food before dragons. :grin:

If you need it for breeding yes.

If you don’t need it for breeding no.


Less than 94 after 6 days of multipliers, assuming I don’t use any 100% or 200% xp boosts.

Oh, that’s not so bad haha. Godspeed to ya :grin::+1: :t_rex:

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You will :laughing: and pass me too lol. Just not this month :upside_down_face:

I did the same. Going to do it again with Xenot.

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Get x200%xp boost, u can get AA or xenot trained to be breedable in 3 days, enough time to breed the downstreams