Should timers be spent on incubation?


I can confirm you don’t have to hatch it, but it is annoying as he’ll that the autobreed stops each time an extra unhatched completes. :expressionless:


Thanks. I tried searching for an answer. Didn’t use the right key words.


Slightly off topic but how many xp runs/ days would it take to get a lvl 4 Vulcan to breedable? Got nine 200% xp boosts and the max xp I get would be 35k but I can’t solo that…
Any help would be appreciated. I want to know whether I can make it before the event ends. Once it’s breedable I can finally start on Sekhem :cold_sweat:


The Master Calc & Lookup Tool on this page will answer that question for you.


This is giving me a headache but thanks for the link :+1:t3:


I always speed up, but depends on your timers too. I’m finishing a&a on Monday, and I’ll speed him all the way because I’m greedy 🤷 he or they were my big curiosity when I started the game and peaked on the “then” last tier


A&A is proving to be extremely fun. Xp bases tend to die fast :laughing: (assuming you don’t hit Andy when A&A is still a baby.)


E2P, but I hatched them and got them breedable at 104, during a single breeding event. It took most of the week; didn’t spend healing potions, just set a lot of phone timers to do my runs. :slight_smile: It was very grindy; I don’t really recommend it. Hatching them during the preceding fort event is much more reasonable. If you’re higher level, it’ll be easier. (like virtually everything else in the game, etc.)


I have to do it this event, or I’ll score big 0 (not really 0, but not even passed 1k…)
Anyway, the pair will give me enough plat eggs for builder hut.


Yikes. Well, if you manage to take them from 1 to 8 in a week without the elite bonus, as a level 90-something? (I think?), te saluto. :fist_left: It’d be a lot of healing potions, and a struggle even with an on-team alt.


That’s good to know! I opted a&a path exactly because of this guy :joy:


A&A is Really fun


Did you get Jagra and Kulan leveled?


Yes. Last Sunday.


Nice work. That is what I also did when going through Platinum.


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