Shouldn’t there be a WAR defense record somewher?

Wouldn’t it be great if at least officers and leaders could see somewhere who defended in the last war and how much. Along with weekly medals, it would give us a clearer idea of who’s participating and who is not.


I think this would be a nice statistic to add to the war contributions page :blush:

Sadly easy to manipulate.

What i once saw in higher league was Dread NMO where Dread had 500+ if i am not wrong…
Stats arent that important.
More important results are… at the end of wars, events, or even from PG side. :slight_smile:

I think this would be very handy to see. We could use it for internal bragging rights within the team, as well as easy way to monitor who is and is not a ‘team player’ (I know this is not NEEDED for that BTW :wink: )

Great idea!

There is an attack record that will show in chat if ya have it on

Attack record, yes. But no defense. It’d be good!

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