Show Gold & Replace Ice/Fire Shards with Embers?


I have 2 suggestions, instead of making multiple threads I’ll post them together.

  1. Show gold next to Wood and Food when attacking.
  • This will allow us to raid for gold instead of having to spend 20 pots to mine it. May have to adjust how much gold is gainws from atlas to do this.
  1. Change Ice and Fire turrets resource to Embers and do away with the turrets shards.
  • this will give us more embers and will allow players to use them for all elemental towers.

Most that I know would love all these options but I’m sure there are some on here that may not like these ideas. It’s a suggestion and maybe we can get some ideas for these changes, maybe there could be consequence of adding these? So I’m interested to hear what others say, maybe they have solutions to possible problems?


  • After viewing the communities views on my suggestions, I agree that White Mages are redundant. I just wanted to not have to spend Embers to defend against event dragons :sob::sob::sob:

So everyone knows I don’t want these emplimented right away, it was a suggestion not a demand. I wanted Input, I am a fairly new player and only level 68 so I’m sure there is tons I’m not savey too. For example Ice Flaks, I only have a Dark Flak and an Earth Flak, I’m working on Fire and Ice Flak in my storage.

Thanks for everyone’s input on my suggestions.

I have noticed that some on these forums do not add solutions to their vocalized problems regarding player suggestions, not specifically referring to this topic but many others. Some automatically assume the OP is demanding the changes submitted and fail to realize it’s only a Suggestion.
I’d like to reiterate that I asked for input from experienced players and I wasn’t saying they needed to be done. Just in case I didn’t see something (Like Ice Flaks) all could point it out and other possible issues.


  1. meh… maybe…

  2. this issue has been near beaten to death in about a dozen or more threads already… not gonna happen any time soon… probably…

  3. Just no lol… you got an ice flak to disable these spells… why make another mage tower… already crunching for more dps as it is… why would I want less… besides they’d prob come up with some quaky idea how to incorporate embers to upgrade it… or mage “mage shards” lol…

I think the best thing to do is wait for these big announcements and new updates and see what gets broken first… then worry about another tower type.


Maybe its my level but Divines seem to be much stronger than amy base close to my player level.

Do you have any suggestions as to how 1 and 2 can be implemented in a way it wouldn’t hurt the game?

As for 3 I wouldnt be happy with white mages if they added a new rss for them. I’m sure it could suck for higher levels to replace and rebuild, can’t imagine the cost in timers but I’m sure they are adding new towers anyways sometime in the future. And when they are I’d rather it be a tower I like than some tower with mediocre stats or one that replaces current towers.
The reason I’m asking the player base for suggestions and input is I’m not sure how base setups would be changed by the implementation of White Mages? What I see mostly is Fire Flak, Dark Flak, Ice Flak, Red/Blue mage on Dragon perch. I guess Ice Flak is good enough but I’d rather be able to build that defense with wood alone.


Try better setup?
Grow your base higher?

After White Mage is implemented, I’m sure many attacker will cry due too overpowered defense.

  1. This could work fine

  2. Already been suggested but I highly doubt that PG will do it

  3. No no no! The ice flaks are more than sufficient enough. White mages will quite literally break the game as most divines end up having a white spell or more. The purpose of white spells is to use them whenever red or blue spells are able to be used.


Agree, this will make kill islands even harder to kill(especially for me since Zotz and his syphon strike save me on kill islands) and therefore make it harder for players to get resources


Absolutely not.
But I believe that an excellent addition could be a new mage tower that combines the Red Mage and the Blue Mage. Lets call it “Wizard Tower” :slight_smile: (Maximum 2 towers per base) @PGJared @PGScarpia @Arelyna
As with the Earth Flak ( essentially its a Storm + Ice turret ), the “Wizard Tower” will combine the utility of two towers into one


I agree everything except the white magic towers … if you build your base well even without them you can defend yourself


I’m not a fan of #1. That will make it hard to accumulate gold for a troop build or primarch build. Sure, you can use the bank, but that will just make it so that people stop holding on to gold and bank it all the time. So there will be a lot less gold out there to raid. Gold doesn’t accumulate over time like food and wood so it’s not like we’ll be able to raid from people who are sleeping and have full farms. Everyone will just make sure they have no gold in storage when they log off and there won’t be any out there to raid.

#2 sounds great. I would definitely be in favor of that.

#3 is a big No from me. White mages. smh

  1. Hm so lazy players who don’t want to work for gold or invest in elite could easy steal gold from those who do? Nah

  2. I agree we need more ember shards resources, that’s true. But imagine there are people out there who still need ice and fire shards.

  3. NO

  1. Could be good or bad. I’ve seen arguments both ways.

  2. You could do away with them, but I think PG would be against that. I’d follow some previously-suggested notions instead, and say that you should be able to make embers out of a combination of fire and ice shards. This would allow resource drain (good for PG), give players access to more embers, and let players choose how to spend their shards - on turrets, or on a smaller number of embers.

  3. White mages have consistently been brought up as a joke, because of how insanely powerful they’d be. Combine defenses that shut down ALL spells with invincibility shields, and flak, and attacking a defended base becomes a joke.


This is true since I got lucky once defending my base and it destroyed Hauhset(probably since the player using her was crappy at it).

  1. Ok, but we don’t need a gold reduction in atlas… just no

  2. Would be great, I’d have 500k embers instead of 5k :joy: that’s the reason it will not happen

  3. No, just hard no

  1. well gold isn’t the same resource mechanic type as food and wood. If our Atlas gold mines that we leveled up with infrastructure automatically gave us gold, then sure. But since it’s a PvE raidable commodity I’d rather leave it out for a bit more anonymity

  2. Keep pushing on this front. It’s not a new suggestion to the developers (even suggested in grander scheme’s even) but I haven’t heard much about this exact topic. Keep at er because I firmly believe this is the way to go

  3. please no. If anything, this spell scaling initiative is trying to bring us back around to using more colored spells so let’s not try to focus too much on white mages or else they will start ramping up white spell rollouts/usage/power etc

  1. If they do then then they need to add a protected amount. Really though this is unessissary. It’s an atlas rss so it doesnt make much sense for it to be visible during normal attacks. if you could use it outside of atlas then that would make sense but really this isnt something they need to spend time on changing

  2. YES

  3. OH. HELL. NO! We already have a white mage, they’re called ice flaks. Build a better base

War Dragons 3 unforgivable requests that should earn you a one-way ticket to Panzkaban

  1. Asking for old seasonal dragons or their stones to come back
  2. Asking for white mages
  3. Asking for more feeding events


I didn’t suggest a gold reduction in atlas. I said it probably needed to be adjusted. Since when I hit players on normal side I get 300k to 900k gold per attack and I bookmark those players. Basically free atlas boost.

It could make atlas mining obsolete since they only get 150k gold + castle boosts - tax.
I was actually suggesting they increase atlas gold obtained from Beasts/Poachers and Mines.

As for others comments about atlas gold being only related to Atlas side, that’s not entirely true. The option and capability already exists to steal gold from players. It’s as simple as looking up teams with atlas in meeting hall and bookmarking players in your bracket and making sure not to hit the same people too often. I get more gold from normal side than I do from atlas currently.

All I was suggesting is that PG makes it easier to do this by adding the Gold Amount to be visible. It is after all on the normal side and they fully intend on Gold being able to be obtained through runs.


#2 yeeesssssss

Just e wanted to tell you that is very good to have posts with suggestions! Even if parts of it are not right


I’m not understanding how you came up with this issue?
It shouldn’t effect atlas in a bad way, if we got more from normal side they could increase mines and poachers by a small percentage to compensate. This is what I was referring to when I said atlas mine drops might need adjusting.

I’m not sure if being able to see would make it hard to come buy. I allready hit teams with atlas by searching in team hall. So I basically do this allready and many teams I know store their gold and rarely keep it on them for fear if losing it. There are other ways to target players with gold in atlas in current version.

Maybe after the new patch rolls out we will see better gold returns?


The gold thing is a non-issue really.

The shards/embers thing is hopefully something that can be addressed when/if gold chest drops ever get balanced to match the current game. They’ve not changed since green or gold was the highest tier. I’d like them to fix it all at once.


If anything I believe the update will bring about less free floating gold since hats regenerate faster than they currently do.