Show Gold & Replace Ice/Fire Shards with Embers?


That’s is a good idea.

I was kind of afraid of them implementing everything at once. It might be more buggy but I see the benefit of your perception on the matter.

I seen someone mention in another thread, they wanted to have 200% Egg Boosts earned from all events at least one of the prizes dropping it. helping players of all levels and even those stuck in the 300Wall at least a bit.


The embers issue will be resolved when they release new towers that need a whole different currency and embers are worthless :joy:

  1. Just, no. As mech said, this is not a resource that replenishes on its own like food and wood. It shouldn’t be treated the same.

  2. Absolutely

  3. Absolutely not :joy:


As to your comment about not being able to defend your base… it’s unfortunately true that it’s near impossible to defend a base under say 80 or so against divine dragons but you’re getting there! As long as you build your base right., as for your suggestions… the gold thing I’d say no… just mine it don’t be lazy … as for the embers… a big ol I wish!! Seemed to me fire shards were dropping like flies on shit this event and did we all notice they didn’t adjust the amount of embers in a drop? Even tho we have yet ANOTHER freaking flak? Shame on you pg


if I have gold protection amount of 1m, I let you see my gold amount like the others rss. It isnt like I would have more than that and not banking or using it anyway.
In the end, people afraid of getting raid more so they will send all raidable in bank result less chance of gold.
Imaging having feed or fort all the time, it works the same but food/wood is automatically generate so you can raid from farm/mill when people sleep and they need to accumulate a certain amount for a high level construction. Gold, on the other hand, are not like that, can be used at any amount and nothing to raid if they dont attack invader base. if people attack invader base, they will use the gold immediately


Thank you, I wondered if it had to do with my level I’m almost 70 so I’m not to far off from 80. About the time Amarok drops off divines will have a harder time blowing through my base? That’s awesome


It should start being more defendable yes, assuming you have a well built defendable base of course


…then buy an Atlas Elite pack. Problem solve (PG’s solution that is)


Not at $20/month, it do it for $5…
But yeah I bet it is their solution


I feel like the issue with this is that everyone feels we are supposed to be able to make every flak that we want… just because they are all available doesnt mean we are gonna get them all and make them all up to par…just like most cant get all the dragons… this game is a pick and choose… and u must do so carefully…

Could u imagine every base if embers overflowed lol…

Ice flak 75…dark flak 75… earth flak 75… fire flak 75… electric flak 75…on every island…(extreme example)

Why you wouldnt be able to blink… before u died :joy::joy:

Everyone knew another flak was coming… if u really wanted this one… maybe should a saved for it… I have 2 flaks at this time… I dont try and over build flaks to keep up with the popular “All flak” islands… :smiley:

Besides new towers will come out and flaks will become last years thing and u will be glad u didnt waste so much time and energy on this topic :smiley:


Yea but by comparison you get exponentially more fire/ice shards than you’ll ever need to build the ONE tower they were made for… I still think the availability of elemental embers needs to be addressed. No you won’t be building all the flak towers but it’s reasonable to assume building 2…


Then why wouldnt it be suggested to make an better tower that uses fire and ice shards instead of trading them in for embers?

Wait I have it figured out :grin::joy:

The elemental balista towers!!

Fire balista- causes burning damage over time.
Ice balista - freezes your dragon in mid air for x amount of seconds :grin:

Or allow all old towers to be made elemental… using these shards… increasing damage and adding other effects…example…

Ice cannon - increase damage…
Fire archer - increase damage…


May be new tower if placed along with turrets on an island will boost nearby turrets damage by 50% say for 3 second. This new tower could be build using normal wood. This solution can allow us to use shards and new defense mechanism.

Another idea is passive resist blocker which ice flak does not do it. Either give this functionality to existing ice flak or new tower.

@PGCrisis just food for thought. Both pg and customer win-win.


I still want to see the mega OP balista towers :joy::joy::joy:


Projectile tower major problem is attack speed. Remember temple guardian bases where canon was throwing like rain drops to dragon.


Wind wall :grin:

I feel like one of the biggest problems is that instead of utilizing older things in the game or making them better its pushed to the side to make way for new things…


At least dragon with those spell will be useful again and that spell will be useful.


Lol you misunderstand I personally don’t have an issue with embers BUT when I’m getting multiple drops of fire shards in every 10 chests that’s ridiculous


Not if we have a fireeeee balistaaa :joy:


Imo its only a matter of time before PG releases a tower that is better than the flak(s) in someway. This tower will likely have a new currency which will generate more revenue and will probably start a new meta. This is the only time I see the possible exchange of shards for embers being offered.