Show Gold & Replace Ice/Fire Shards with Embers?


What do you think of one of the new towers having the ability to block Red, Blue and White Spells? While using a new currency or embers?


Or a ballista that does damage over time along with Ammo and Rage Stun???


I’ll have my alt drop you a message? If you have a well-built base and solid defenders, defence should never be an issue against equal tier towers. Even sub-84.

Also, the 300 wall is a timer issue, not a token issue.


Yeah I just have a token issue lol.


What’s your alt. I only have level 20-21 towers. But I do have like 25 towers total.
Oh I just got an earth flak which is only at 14 but my Dark Flak is 21.


I’m sorry mate this made me cringe :cry::cry:

Did you read the theory part of my base building guide at all?


I agree with shards and embers. White mage is a Nono.
I also support the idea, that old towers that have gone obsolete, could be recycled to embers (without dropping in level)
This would help all players who play since a long time (and pay that game through elite for a loooooong time).
Everyone thinks about new players getting fast to a point others play long, but those who payed and are disillusioned by a new tower could get a bit (swag) back for their loyalty and Effort. New players have the advantage that they never had to build those useless towers. Definitly visible by new players bases :wink:


I do not think any mage towers should have the ability to block white spells. Just for clarification, are you talking about having 1 mage tower with the ability to block multiple colored spells? Sounds like a nightmare :joy:



hell no



  1. Don’t think so
  2. Fully agree infact everybody should rally behind this
  3. Hell No lol some bases are already great with their setups don’t want them to be impenetrable


They didn’t specify that it would make a positive difference did they?

  1. No - leave the gold off the matchmaking. With Atlas elite being as prevalent as it is, I would think MOST people could likely train 800 troops with gold acquired doing a handful of random attacks from matchmaking.

  2. If the ice and fire shards are replaced by embers on a 1:1 basis, I am for this. (Thanks @mechengg - I need more caffeine :wink: )

  3. HELL NO.


We’ll let the team know about your concerns.


The purchase currency for these towers would change at the same time…
Instead of requiring fire shards, it would now require elemental embers. You’d still have the same resource pool, but you could use this bigger pool for your choice of upgrades


Does PG even acknowledge this as an issue? Or are we just having a conversation on the forum with no consideration. It is such a simple solution and will be win-win. The more they invest in us the more we invest in the game.

I also support salvaging old towers, I dont think players should be punished for playing the game so long that their towers become outdated. It could work just like you can salvage runes for rune dust.


It’s different, since towers give exp, where runes aren’t.


Believe it or not, there are still new players signing up for the game. They need fire and ice shards. I’d like to see Fire/Ice/Elemental shards offered in chests as a “pick which one you want” prize.

Not unless gold in your storage is protected in some amount, same ratio as wood/food.


protection of gold would be adjusted by the level of storage but the limit of hat is a constant, gold source is a constant. that is a contradiction. If they fix these problems, it would just raise another problem of hat relate to troop and troop relate to everything in atlas


The exp would have to remain. Simple


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