Show how long the island is there on the map

When a player connects and see the map with many islands available to attack, we can’t know which one to attack for better points. But when we finished an island the game post a msg saying the exactly time and it is less or not than an hour. We can’t decide where to get more points if we don’t know how long that island is there.

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The islands farthest along the chain gives the most points.

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I know that. But which one is less than 1 hour and i get more points for that. I’m talking about team points and not individual points.

Team points works the same way also.

The points decay due to time taken is the same for all islands. So it’s always best to hit Gustav then Vampire and so on.

From your explanation I down believe your team is very active. So just hit Gustav.

If I’m not wrong, I also think Gustav will always give more points than Vamp regardless of how long the decay has been as there’s a max decay and the points at max decay will always be more than Vampire. And Vampire will always be more points than the next island. So on and so forth.

He wants to know how to help his team the most. You log on to the battle screen full of islands that are maybe all hit a little bit. If the count up? Timer was there he would know which is the most beneficial to hit first to score a higher team bonus


Always hit the biggest island. Simple as that.

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I think this will help ya

These bonuses are tiny, really not worth optimizing for compared to the value of pvp wins.

Lol. I get his question.

Unfortunately there is no “countdown” timer once the PvE islands regenerate - you wouldn’t know how long they have been up.

You would have to take note of when the various islands pop up on your own. But yeah, as some of them have mentioned above: if you want to maximise PvE points, complete the islands in descending order, starting with the biggest Gustav. That will maximise not only team points, but personal points as well as Gustav gives the highest PvE payout - so a win-win! :+1:

If you have unlocked all the PvE islands, PvP still awards more team points than Gustav each time they pop up. So, you might want to take that into consideration when pursuing both.

You are welcome :smirk:

I know you miss me, and thanks.

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