Show of Player Unity

The goal isn’t to HURT pg, it’s to show we are united in our goals.

Why would we want to hurt them? I’m all for a cooperative arrangement that produces income for them and a fun gameplay experience for us.


Perfectly said!


No I get it. I didn’t necessarily mean “hurt” as in literally. More like a hurt as in make a big enough difference to really catch their attention. They’ll notice this boycott I’m sure. I hope it helps change things.


It will be interesting to see if they comment, or just ignore this.

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I will support the player base on this one, but I don’t see how not breeding sends a message. I would rather be saying don’t stop playing, stop paying!

But I guess not everyone is ready for such a big step.

I hope that you can bring about a change of course, LX, before it is irreversible.


I won’t breed either until Saturday afternoon, I just hope I’ll get the timing right. Spread the word out too.

Even made my own modest statement here:

If we don’t do our best to open their eyes, they will only make matter worse.

We can encourage change!


Doing it for pvp won’t hurt them either. They don’t make money off of participation. They make money off of us spending money.

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We at Royal Road (for 90%) are with you on this. Don’t let it get to your head Dread lol


I’m in :100:


Unfortunately this display of unity does not seem to have taken hold in S2. My team is already up to the 300 sigil team prize in spite of a few people sitting out, and looking at the other teams in the league there are 2M to 7M points already on every team. I don’t know if we didn’t get the word out well enough to non forum people, or If people just don’t care.

Unfortunately it therefore seems not to be working. How is it working in other leagues?

We know PG doesn’t care about individual players, even ones who spend heavily or are influential to the game. So the only way we succeed in sending a message to PG is if enough of us delay breeding to be evident in the aggregate numbers of the whole player base, and right now it doesn’t look like that is happening.

One sentiment that I have encountered over and over is “Abyssal cost doesn’t matter to me, that’s X number of tiers away and I am unlikely to still be playing by then”


I’m in as well. End game player with enough tokens to breed an abyssal but I am tired of being treated like an unending wallet. Love the game. Love the camaraderie. Don’t like being constantly pushed to spend more and more. It’s a game PG. not a career!


And there it is…

One could say that the “Year of the Player” initiative was an honest attempt to make a connection with the player base. The more cynical will say it was/is only a smokescreen.

This game is dying, and PG can’t fix it. Maybe I’m just a cynic, but to me, this price jump looks like an attempt to gouge as much as they can from players before the inevitable collapse.


If it was an honest attempt, this wouldn’t have happened.

Unfortunately seems to be the same case in our own s2 subleague and there are some familiar names there.

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I will not be Breeding until Saturday.


People have been saying “the game is dying” for years.
It isn’t dying.
PG need to adjust what they are doing.
The “whales” as they are called, is why this game still exists.
Whales have to breed too (To create more whales), and a move like this doesn’t put anybody in the mood to do any breeding.
Metaphorically or otherwise.

This same thing is happening in my P1 league and within my own team. Some sentiments I’ve heard a lot are:

  • What do I care about end game? I’m just now breeding emerald/obsidian and that’s so far off that even if I do make it to abyssal some day it will be so heavily discounted who cares

  • The whales just want us to save them money and I don’t want to be their tool

  • This is just drama and it’s just a game

These are all sentiments that need to be addressed in order to carry on any sort of movement.


Ooo​:hushed:what a TroubleCauser Lx460 is . :joy: I Love it.


One of my teammates sent a message with literally all three of those things in it in response to the mail about it. I don’t think people get that just because it doesn’t affect them now doesn’t mean it won’t in the future.


Looking at my league and I see a handful of teams above 3M and most are already at 2M. Globally 20 are above 1M personally. That does not sound very united.

I am just pointing out that it seems there is not a lot that are united behind this. Heck, it is probably the event that drives the least revenue out of all the events. Feeding was the only event that I expect pushed even less revenue.

Edit: There was a time that a large enough number of players spoke with one voice. From what I read about it there was a lot of organization. Something more than an idea put out at the last minute.

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